Prof. Panagiotis (Panos) Toulis
Panagiotis (Panos) Toulis

Panagiotis (Panos) Toulis
Assistant Professor of Econometrics and Statistics
Address: 5807 S Woodlawn Ave
Office: 358
tel: 773.834.5953


  • May 2017, Econometrics Lunch (U Chicago, Economics)
    "Review of stochastic optimization with emphasis on common models and tasks in econometrics"
  • Apr. 2017, ForecastNY conference (Microsoft Tech Center, NY, USA)
    "Implicit methods in stochastic gradient descent for robust estimation with massive data"
  • Mar. 2017, Toyota Technology Institute (TTI, Chicago, USA)
    "Statistical inference with stochastic gradient descent"
  • Feb. 2017, Duke University (Durham, USA)
    "Asymptotic and finite-sample properties of estimators based on stochastic gradients."
  • Jan. 2017, American Economic Association meeting (AEA'17, Chicago, USA)
    Comment on paper by S. Athey et. al.
    Schedule | Slides.
  • Dec. 2016, What-If Causality Workshop (NIPS'16, Barcelona, Spain)
    "Long-term causal effects via behavioral game theory."
    Schedule and paper | Slides.
  • Nov. 2016, Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB, Athens, Greece)
    "Fundamental concepts in statistical causal inference"
  • May, 2016, Atlantic Causal Inference Conference (ACIC, New York, USA)
    "Computational and Methodological Challenges of Causal Inference in Networks."
    Schedule | Slides.
  • June, 2015, Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory and Data Science (EC'15, Portland, USA)
    "Long-term Causal Effects of Interventions in Multiagent Economic Mechanisms."
    Schedule | Slides.
  • Oct. 2015, Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE@MIT, Cambridge, USA)
    "Long-term causal effects in multiagent economies."
    Schedule | Slides.
  • Oct. 2014, Conference on Digital Experimentation (CODE@MIT, Cambridge, USA)
    "Incentive-compatible experimental design."
    Schedule | Slides.
  • June, 2014, International Conference in Machine Learning (ICML'14, Beijing, China)
    "Statistical analysis of stochastic gradient methods for GLMs"

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