Prof. Panagiotis (Panos) Toulis
John E. Jeuck Fellow

♦ Causal inference

  • Life after bootstrap: Residual randomization inference in regression models
    (early draft,  pdf)
  • Randomization tests under endogeneous and staggered adoption of treatment
    with Shaikh, A.
  • Randomization tests for peer effects in group formation experiments
    with Basse, G.; Feller A.; Ding, P. (submitted,    arxiv pdf)
  • On clustering similarity with application to causal inference with the propensity score
    with Volfovsky, A.
  • Propensity score methodology in the presence of network entanglement between treatments
    with Volfovsky, A.; Airoldi, EM. (   arxiv pdf)
  • Dynamical systems theory for causal inference with application to synthetic controls
    with Ding, Yi. (submitted,   arxiv pdf)

♦ Statistical machine learning/stochastic gradients

  • Stable Robbins-Monro approximations through stochastic proximal updates
    with Horel, T.; Airoldi, EM. (submitted,   arxiv pdf, Winner of IBM 2018 award)

  • Statistical inference and testing at scale with stochastic gradient-based estimators
    with Chee, J.
  • Estimation of large-scale dynamic discrete choice models
    with Junhyung Kim, L.; Misra, S.

♦ Mechanism design/game theory

  • Screening with tournaments
    with Parkes, DC. (  pdf)