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. Fisher-Rao Metric, Geometry, and Complexity of Neural Networks. arXiv:1711.01530, 2017.

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. Adaptive Feature Selection: Computationally Efficient Online Sparse Linear Regression under RIP. Journal of Machine Learning Research W&CP, vol.70 (ICML), 1780-1788, 2017.

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. Computational and Statistical Boundaries for Submatrix Localization in a Large Noisy Matrix. The Annals of Statistics, vol.45, no.4, 1403-1430, 2017.

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. On Detection and Structural Reconstruction of Small-World Random Networks. IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, vol.4, no.3, 165-176, 2017.

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. Geometric Inference for General High-Dimensional Linear Inverse Problems. The Annals of Statistics, vol.44, no.4, 1536-1563, 2016.

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. Escaping the Local Minima via Simulated Annealing: Optimization of Approximately Convex Functions. Journal of Machine Learning Research W&CP, vol.40 (COLT), 240–265, 2015.

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. Learning with Square Loss: Localization through Offset Rademacher Complexity. Journal of Machine Learning Research W&CP, vol.40 (COLT), 1260–1285, 2015.

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