Prof. Che-Lin Su

Working Papers

1. Impact of Delay Announcements in Call Centers: An Empirical Approach. (with Zeynep Aksin-Karaesmen, Baris Ata, and Seyed Emadi). Under revision for the third-round review at Operations Research, May 2014.


1. A Constructive Approach to Estimating Pure Characteristics Demand Models with Pricing. (with Jong-Shi Pang and Yu-Ching Lee). Accepted for publication at Operations Research, February 2015.

2. Estimating Dynamic Discrete-Choice Games of Incomplete Information (with Michael Egesdal and Zhenyu Lai), Accepted for publication at Quantitative Economics, October 2014.

3. Estimating Discrete-Choice Games of Incomplete Information: Simple Static Examples. Quantitative Marketing and Economics, Vol 12(2), 167-207, June 2014.

4. Structural Estimation of Callers' Delay Sensitivity in Call Centers (with Zeynep Aksin, Baris Ata and Seyed Emadi), Management Science, Vol 59, pp. 2727-2746, December, 2013.

5. Constrained Optimization Approaches to Estimation of Structural Models (with Kenneth L. Judd), Econometrica, Vol. 80 (5), 2213-2230, September 2012.

  • AMPL and Matlab code used to implement the Monte Carlo studies in the paper are Available here.

6. Improving the Numerical Performance of BLP Static and Dynamic Discrete Choice Random Coefficients Demand Estimation (with Jean-Pierre H. Dube and Jeremy T. Fox). Econometrica, Vol. 80 (5), 2231-2267, September 2012.

  • Online Supplement for Dube, Fox and Su (2012).

  • Matlab Code used for examples in the paper: Available here.

  • AMPL code, including the model, data, command, and KNITRO output files for the cereal data set example: Available here.
    You need to change the path solver "/Users/clsu/KnitroAMPL/knitroampl" to the location of the KNITRO solver on your computer.

7. Endogenous Selection and Moral Hazard In Compensation Contracts (with Christopher S. Armstrong and David F. Larcker), Operation Research, Vol. 58 (4, part 2 of 2), 1090-1106, 2010

8. Analysis on the Forward Market Equilibrium Model, Operation Research Letters, Vol. 35 (1), 74-82, 2007

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