Christopher Thomas Ryan

Christopher Thomas Ryan Contact information
Mailing Address:   Christopher Thomas Ryan
         	   University of Chicago
         	   Booth School of Business
         	   Office 316, Harper Center
 	           5807 S Woodlawn Avenue
         	   Chicago, IL 60637

Phone:             (773)702-9783
Email:             chris.ryan[AT]chicagobooth[DOT]edu

I'm an Associate Professor of Operations Management in the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. I obtained my PhD in Management Science at the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia, advised by Maurice Queyranne.

My research interests are in the theory of optimization (including infinite-dimensional, discrete, and stochastic) with applications to theoretical economics (contract theory, game theory, and mechanism design), decision problems in the digital economy (particularly video games and apps), and healthcare operations management.

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Booth School of Business (UChicago)

BUS40110: Managing Service Operations (MBA program) -- Winter 2017, Fall 2017, Spring 2019 (scheduled)
BUS40000: Operations Management: Business Process Fundamentals (MBA program) -- Spring 2011-2013,2015 and Fall 2013, 2015
BUS36904: Optimization in Topological Vector Spaces (PhD program) -- Winter 2012, Spring 2014, Spring 2019 (scheduled)
BUS36904: Combinatorial Optimization (PhD program) -- Spring 2016

Sauder School of Business (UBC)

COMM399: Logistics and Operations Management (Undergraduate) -- Summer 2009
COMM291: Applications in Business Statistics (Undergraduate) -- Winter (Term 2) 2008

Research Papers

Journal Articles and Refereed Conference Proceedings

Mixed-integer linear representability, disjunctions, and Chvatal functions --- modeling implications, (with Amitabh Basu, Kipp Martin, and Guanyi Wang), to appear in Mathematics of Operations Research (preliminary version appeared in IPCO 2017).

A general solution method for moral hazard problems, (with Rongzhu Ke), Theoretical Economics, 2018. Volume 13(3), Pages 1425-1481. [link]

Monotonicity of optimal contracts without the first-order approach, (with Rongzhu Ke), Operations Research. Volume 66(4), 2018, Pages 1101-1118. [link]

A non-asymptotic approach to analyzing kidney exchange graphs, (with Yichuan Ding, Dongdong Ge, and Simai He), Operations Research. Volume 66(4), 2018, Pages 918-935. [link]. (preliminary version appeared in ACM-EC 2015 [link])

A simplex method for uncapacitated pure-supply infinite network flow problems, (with Robert L. Smith and Marina A. Epelman), SIAM Journal of Optimization. Volume 161(1), 2018, Pages 2022--2048. [link]

Strong duality and sensitivity analysis in semi-infinite linear programming, (with Amitabh Basu and Kipp Martin), Mathematical Programming. Volume 161(1), 2017, Pages 451--485. [link]

The Slater conundrum: Duality and pricing in infinite-dimensional optimization, (with Kipp Martin and Matt Stern), SIAM Journal of Optimization. Volume 26(1), 2016, Pages 111-138. [link]

Projection: A unified approach to semi-infinite linear programs and duality in convex programming, (with Amitabh Basu and Kipp Martin), Mathematics of Operations Research, vol. 40(1), 2015, Pages 146-170.[link]

On the sufficiency of finite support duals in semi-infinite linear programming, (with Amitabh Basu and Kipp Martin), Operations Research Letters, vol. 42(1), 2014, Pages 16-20.[link]

Rational generating functions and integer programming games, (with Matthias Koeppe and Matthias Queyranne), Operations Research, vol. 59(1), 2011, Pages 1445-1460.[link]

Parametric integer programming algorithm for bilevel mixed integer programs, (with Matthias Koeppe and Maurice Queyranne), Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications, vol. 146(1), 2010, Pages 137-150.[link]

Computing pure strategy Nash equilibria in compact symmetric games, (with Albert Xin Jiang and Kevin Leyton-Brown), Proceedings of ACM Electronic Commerce (EC), 2010.[link]

Working papers

The discrete moment problem with nonconvex shape constraints, (with Xi Chen, Simai He, Bo Jiang, and Teng Zhang), major revision at Operations Research.

Incentivized actions in freemium games (with Mahesh Nagarajan, Lifei Sheng, Yuan Cheng and Chunyang Tong), major revision at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.

Learning customer preferences from personalized assortments, (with Yifan Feng and Rene Caldentey), submitted.

A penalty function approach for deriving optimality conditions in bilevel optimization, (with Rongzhu Ke), submitted.

Dual-based methods for solving infinite-horizon nonstationary deterministic dynamic programs, (with Robert L Smith), submitted.

Mixed-integer bilevel representability, (with Amitabh Basu and Sriram Sankaranarayanan), submitted.

Incentive design for operations-marketing multitasking, (with Tinglong Dai and Rongzhu Ke), submitted.

A simplex method for countably-infinite linear programs, (with Archis Ghate and Robert L Smith), submitted.

Implementability and ordinal preferences (with Matthias Koeppe and Maurice Queyranne).

Other interests

Check out my dad's music, my brother's music, and my friend Vaughn Oliver's music.

I volunteer with the Colibri Learning Foundation as a curriculum developer and trainer of other volunteers.