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Working Papers

  1. Attribution Bias in Consumer Choice
    With Kareem Haggag.

  2. What Motivates Effort? Evidence and Expert Forecasts
    revise and resubmit, Review of Economic Studies, with Stefano DellaVigna.

  3. Predicting Experimental Results: Who Knows What?
    review and resubmit, Journal of Political Economy, with Stefano DellaVigna.

Published and Forthcoming Papers

  1. Awareness Reduces Racial Bias
    Management Science (forthcoming). With Joseph Price and Justin Wolfers.

  2. Failure to Refinance
    Journal of Financial Economics (forthcoming). With Ben Keys and Jaren Pope.

  1. Reference-Dependent Preferences: Evidence from Marathon Runners
    Management Science (forthcoming). With Eric Allen, Patricia Dechow, and George Wu.

  2. Bid Takers or Market Makers? The Effect of Auctioneers on Auction Outcomes
    American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2016), 8(4), 195-229. With Nicola Lactera, Bradley Larsen, and Justin Sydnor.

  3. Exploring Psychology in the Field: Steps and Examples from the Used-Car Market
    Topics in Cognitive Science (2016) 8(3), 660-669.

  4. Behavioral Economics: Economics as a Psychological Discipline
    Handbook of Judgment and Decision Making (2015, eds G. Keren and G. Wu), pp 800-827. With Justin Sydnor.

  5. Focal Points and Bargaining in the Housing Market
    Games and Economic Behavior (2015) 93(C), 89-107. With Jaren Pope and Justin Sydnor.

  6. The Impact of Time Between Cognitive Tasks on Performance: Evidence from Advanced Placement Exams
    Economics of Education Review (2015) 48, 30-40. With Ian Fillmore.
  1. The Psychological Effect of Weather on Car Purchases
    Quarterly Journal of Economics (2015) 130(1), 371-414. With Meghan Busse, Jaren Pope, and Jorge Silva-Risso.

  1. When Walmart Comes to Town: Always Low Housing Prices? Always?
    Journal of Urban Economics (2015) 87, 1-13. With Jaren C Pope.

  2. Does Online Search Crowd Out Traditional Search and Improve Matching Efficiency? Evidence from Craigslist
    Journal of Labor Economics (2014) 32(2), 259-303. With Kory Kroft.

  3. Understanding College Application Decisions: Why College Sports Success Matters
    Journal of Sports Economics (2014) 15(2), 107-131. With Jaren Pope.

  4. Estimating the Effect of Salience in Wholesale and Retail Car Markets
    American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings (2013) 103(3), 570-74. With Meghan Busse, Nicola Lacetera, Jorge Silva-Risso, and Justin Sydnor.

  5. Improving College Performance and Retention the Easy Way: Unpacking the ACT Exam
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (2013) 5(2), 26-52. With Eric Bettinger and Brent Evans.

  6. Heuristic Thinking and Limited Attention in the Car Market
    American Economic Review (2012) 102(5), 2206-2236. With Nicola Lacetera and Justin Sydnor.

  7. An Age Penalty in Racial Preferences
    Social Psychological and Personality Science (2012) 3, 730-37. With Deborah Small (first author) and Michael Norton.

  8. Crime and Property Values: Evidence from the 1990's Crime Drop

    Regional Science and Urban Economics (2012) 42, 177-188. With Jaren Pope.
  9. How Personal Experience with a Fine Influences Behavior
    Management Science (2012) 58(1), 35-51. With Michael Haselhuhn, Maurice Schweitzer and Peter Fishman.

  10. Implementing Anti-Discrimination Policies in Statistical Profiling Models
    American Economic Journal: Economic Policy (2011) 3(3), 206-231. With Justin Sydnor.

  11. Round Numbers as Goals: Evidence from Baseball, SAT Takers, and the Lab
    Psychological Science (2011) 22(1), 71-79. With Uri Simonsohn.

  12. Is Tiger Woods Loss Averse? Persistent Bias in the Face of Experience, Competition, and High Stakes
    American Economic Review (2011) 101(1), 129-157. With Maurice Schweitzer.


    What's in a Picture? Evidence of Discrimination from
    Journal of Human Resources (2011) 46(1), 53-92. With Justin Sydnor.
  13. Can Losing Lead to Winning
    Management Science (2011), 57(5), 817-827. With Jonah Berger.

  14. A New Perspective on Stereotypical Gender Differences in Test Scores
    Journal of Economic Perspectives
    (2010) 24(2), 95-108. With Justin Sydnor.

  15. Reacting to Rankings: Evidence from "America's Best Hospitals"
    Journal of Health Economics (2009) 28(6), 1154-1165.

  16. The Impact of College Sports Success on the Quantity and Quality of Student Applications
    Southern Economic Journal (2009) 75(3), 750-780. With Jaren Pope.

  17. Poker Superstars: Skill or Luck?
    CHANCE (2008) 21(4), 25-28. With Rachel Croson and Peter Fishman.

  18. Benefits of Bilingualism: Evidence from Mormon Missionaries
    Economics of Education Review (2008) 27(2), 234-242.


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