Professor Emily Oster

Working Papers

Diabetes and Diet: Behavioral Response and the Value of Health
Draft, September, 2014. [pdf]>

Unobservable Selection and Coefficient Stability: Theory and Validation
Draft, January, 2014. [pdf][Stata Code]

Estimating Health Behavior Treatment Effects in the Presence of Unobserved Confounding
Draft, April, 2014. [Please contact for PDF]

Why is Infant Mortality in the US Higher than in Europe (with Alice Chen and Heidi Williams)
Draft, September 2014 [pdf]>


Published and Forthcoming Papers

Approaches and Costs for Sharing Clinical Research Data (with Erin Wilhelm and Ira Shoulson)
JAMA, February 20, 2014. [link]

Do IT Service Centers Promote School Enrollment? Evidence from India (with Bryce Millett)
Journal of Development Economics, September 2013. [pdf] [Online Appendix]

Limited Life Expectancy, Human Capital and Health Investments (with Ray Dorsey and Ira Shoulson)
American Economic Review, August 2013. [pdf]

Optimal Expectations and Limited Medical Testing: Evidence from Huntington Disease (with Ray Dorsey and Ira Shoulson)
American Economic Review, April 2013. [pdf] [Online Appendix]

Knowledge of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act Among Individuals Affected by Huntington Disease
Clinical Genetics, September 2013. [link]

Determinants of Technology Adoption: Private Value and Peer Effects in Menstrual Cup Take-Up (with Rebecca Thornton)
Journal of the European Economic Association, December 2012. [pdf] [Online Appendix]

Routes of Infection: Exports and HIV Incidence in Sub-Saharan Africa
Journal of the European Economic Association, October 2012. [pdf] [Online Appendix]

HIV and Sexual Behavior Change: Why Not Africa?
Journal of Health Economics, January 2012. [pdf].

Menstruation, Sanitary Products and School Attendance: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation (with Rebecca Thornton)
American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, January 2011. [pdf] [Online Appendix]

Genetic Adverse Selection: Evidence from Long-Term Care Insurance and Huntington Disease (with Ray Dorsey et al)
Journal of Public Economics, December 2010. [pdf]

Hepatitis B Does Not Explain Male-Biased Sex Ratios in China (with Gang Chen et al)
Economics Letters, 2010. [pdf].

Estimating HIV Prevalence and Incidence in Africa from Mortality Data
BE Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy: Topics, September 2010. [pdf]

The Power of TV: Cable Television and Women's Status in India (with Robert Jensen)
Quarterly Journal of Economics, August 2009. [pdf] [Web Appendix W] [Corregendum, July 2012]

Does Increased Access Increase Equality? Gender and Child Health Investments in India
Journal of Development Economics, May 2009. [pdf]

Proximate Sources of Population Sex Imbalance in India
Demography, May 2009. [pdf]

Fear of health insurance loss among individuals at risk for Huntington disease (with Ray Dorsey et al)
American Journal of Medical Genetics, Part A, August 2008. [link]

Response to Das Gupta (2005) Comment: "Explaining Asias Missing Women -- A New Look at the Data"
Population and Development Review, May 2006. [pdf]

Hepatitis B and the Case of the Missing Women
Jounal of Political Economy, December 2005. [pdf] [Citation Appendix]

Sexually Transmitted Infections, Sexual Behavior and the HIV/AIDS Epidemic
Quarterly Journal of Economics, May 2005. [pdf] [Correction Appendix]

Witchcraft, Weather and Economic Growth in Renaissance Europe
Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2004. [pdf] [Citation Erratum]

Are All Lotteries Regressive? Evidence from the Powerball
National Tax Journal, June, 2004. [pdf]


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