Here at Booth, I teach the MBA course "Managing in Organizations" (38001). My course uses experimental social psychology as the foundation for teaching students how to optimally manage their personal work environments, and more generally navigate daily life. The first half ("Internal Thought") outlines the basic psychological underpinnings of how people form impressions, plan for the future, and take the perspective of others; the latter half ("External Change") applies these insights to understanding real organizational issues like power dynamics, work-life balance and job satisfaction, fighting stereotypes, fostering creativity, and working in groups.

I also teach the Ph.D. seminar "Current Topics in Behavioral Science" (38903), in the past with Anuj Shah and upcoming with Emma Levine (Winter 2018). My portion of the course covers general principles of social cognition and their implications for everyday experience and decision making.


University of Chicago Booth School of Business, Harper Center

Before Booth, I served as Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) at the University of Michigan and taught 3 different courses: "Social Cognition: Thinking About Your Life" (Psych 487), "Introduction to Social Psychology" (Psych 280), and "Introduction to Psychology" (Psych 111). My classes ranged in size and scope, from teaching freshman and sophomores about general psychology to seniors and masters students about current topics in the field.