Documents for Chicago Glider Club CFI program

If you click on any item, it should come up in your browser. Then, “ file, save as” will put it in the appropriate place on your computer. Alternatively, you can right-click any item and then “save target as”

Most of the pdf files are taken from the FAA website. They split the files into multiple pdfs; I put them back together to one pdf. The crappy graphics in the Glider Flying Handbook are the FAA’s fault, not mine.

Most of the doc files are from Ron Ridenour and are specific to CGC operations.

The FAA FAQ doc file is the FAA’s list of frequently asked questions about regulations. Use “Edit, Find, Glider” to search for questions and answers about glider regulations.

The *.doc files are Microsoft word. The *.pdf files are Adobe acrobat. If you can’t read the pdfs, get the free acrobat reader at

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Last Update: December 23 2012

Textbooks etc.

Training syllabus

Advisory Circulars (AC)

Practical Test Standards (PTS)

SSA Cross-Country Handbooks

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