Chicago Glider Club soaring forecast links


This is my AM soaring forecast routine


1. Forecast soundings:


Joliet sounding, MAPS model

Joliet sounding, RUC model

(Often, one or the other of RUC and MAPS will not cover the whole day)


2. Blipmaps:


18Z height of critical updraft strength

21Z height of critical updraft strength


18Z thermal strength

21Z thermal strength

( I find height much more useful than strength. Don’t forget to subtract 200 fpm for the glider!)


18Z convergence

21Z convergence

(Someday, this may point us to a good lake breeze convergence)


18Z cumulus

21Z cumulus




(Good for seeing the possibility of strong thunderstorms)


More blipmaps


3. General weather from ADDS


Prog charts (surface weather maps)

Dupage TAF (Look here for cirrus – not in the blipmaps. Type “kdpa” in the field. )

TAF map (good to see if TAF varies a lot over the region, but slow to load)

Winds ( I like the streamlines option)

Current visible satellite (Another place to look for cirrus)

Visible satellite loop (takes longer to load, but nice to see where things are going.)


4. NWS weather


Joliet weather 5 day forecast

Forecast discussion Really useful to see what’s going on.