Critical Contest Safety Procedures Checklist

This is like the “critical assembly” check, a short condensed list of the most important safety-oriented contest procedures. This list is written to enhance general awareness of critical safety procedures, and to help organizers and pilots all make sure they happen. Disclaimer: Omission of an item does not mean it’s not important.

Ground and Tow operations

Start and Finish

Task Guidelines


If a pilot feels that important safety-related procedures are not being followed, he or she should:

  1. Talk to the CD, CM, contest committee (3.14) and task advisers. Please be polite, we’re all interested in safety.  
  2. Explain the problem to other pilots and get them to talk to the CD, CM, contest committee, and task advisers.
  3. Contact the SSA contest committee or chairman (Ken Sorenson).
  4. File a protest. (See rule 9.0 and 11.1.3 as well as the rules describing the particular situation.)
  5. Don’t fly. Remember, the final responsibility for safety always lies with the pilot in command (FAA, SSA rule 9.3). Nobody ever “makes” you do something unsafe! 
  6. CD: Rule 9.0 trumps all the other rules and traditions. It is never the case that the rules force you to do something unsafe, or prohibit you from addressing the development of an unsafe situation.