Joseph J. Gerakos
Associate Professor of Accounting
Tuck School of Business
Dartmouth College
100 Tuck Mall
Hanover, NH  03755

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Journal Publications

Chief executive officers and the pay-pension tradeoff   DOWNLOAD PDF
        Journal of Pension Economics and Finance

Determinants of hedge fund internal controls   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Gavin Cassar
        The Accounting Review

Hedge funds: Pricing controls and the smoothing of self-reported returns   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Gavin Cassar
        Review of Financial Studies

Which U.S. market interactions affect CEO pay? Evidence from UK Companies  DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Joe Piotroski and Suraj Srinivasan
        Management Science

Performance shocks and misreporting   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Andrei Kovrijnykh
        Journal of Accounting and Economics

Post-listing performance and private sector regulation: The experience of the AIM  DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Mark Lang and Mark Maffett
        Journal of Accounting and Economics

Institutional investor preferences for corporate governance mechanisms   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Brian Bushee and Mary Ellen Carter
        Journal of Management Accounting Research

Deflating profitability   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Ray Ball, Juhani Linnainmaa and Valeri Nikolaev
        Journal of Financial Economics

Competition in the audit market: Policy implications   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Chad Syverson
        Journal of Accounting Research

Market reactions to tangible and intangible information revisited   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Juhani Linnainmaa
        Critical Finance Review

Accruals, cash flows, and profitability in the cross section of stock returns  DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Ray Ball, Juhani Linnainmaa and Valeri Nikolaev
        Journal of Financial Economics

Other Publications

Discussion of "Detecting earnings management: A new approach"   DOWNLOAD PDF
        Journal of Accounting Research

The structure of performance-vested stock option grants   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Chris Ittner and Dave Larcker
        Essays in Accounting Theory in Honor of Joel S. Demski, 2007

Current Working Papers

Accrual reversals and cash conversion   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Matt Bloomfield and Andrei Kovrijnykh

Does risk management work?   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Gavin Cassar

Average returns, book-to-market, and changes in firm size   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Juhani Linnainmaa

Asset manager funds   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Juhani Linnainmaa and Adair Morse

Regression-based earnings forecasts   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Robert Gramacy

Competition and voluntary disclosure: Evidence from deregulation in the banking industry   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Jeffrey J. Burks, Christine Cuny and Joao Granja

Compensation objectives and business unit pay strategy  DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Chris Ittner and Frank Moers

Corporate jets and private meetings with investors  DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Brian Bushee and Lian Fen Lee

Hedge fund voluntary disclosure  DOWNLOAD PDF
        with Gavin Cassar, Jeremiah Green, John Hand and Matthew Neal

Prediction versus inducement and the informational efficiency of going concern opinions   DOWNLOAD PDF
        with P. Richard Hahn, Andrei Kovrijnykh and Frank Zhou

Older Working Papers

CEO pensions: Disclosure, managerial power, and optimal contracting   DOWNLOAD PDF