Prof. Kinda Hachem


Fields: Macroeconomics, Banking, Monetary Economics

Published Papers

Hachem, K. 2011. "Relationship Lending and the Transmission of Monetary Policy,'' Journal of Monetary Economics, 58(6-8), 590-600. [Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]

Anderson, G. and K. Hachem. 2012. "Institutions and Economic Outcomes: A Dominance-Based Analysis,'' Econometric Reviews, 32(1), 164-182. [Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]

Working Papers

Liquidity Regulation and Unintended Financial Transformation in China (with Zheng Michael Song), February 2016 [Abstract] [PDF]
Available as NBER Working Paper No. 21880
Best Paper Prize, 2016 China Financial Research Conference

Inflation Announcements and Social Dynamics (with Jing Cynthia Wu), September 2016 [Abstract] [PDF]
Available as NBER Working Paper No. 20161
Featured in Bloomberg View

Resource Allocation and Inefficiency in the Financial Sector, July 2014 [Abstract] [PDF]
Available as NBER Working Paper No. 20365
Revision requested by Journal of Monetary Economics

Agency Cost Determinants of Bank Risk-Taking, April 2014 [Abstract] [PDF]
Expands and supplants the first part of: Bank Promotions and Credit Quality, October 2012 [PDF]

Research in Progress

Relationship Lending and the Great Depression: Measurement and New Implications (with Jon Cohen and Gary Richardson)

Regulation and Reputation (with Martin Kuncl), [Abstract]

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