Prof. Kinda Hachem


Fields: Macroeconomics, Banking, Monetary Economics

Published Papers

Hachem, K. 2011. "Relationship Lending and the Transmission of Monetary Policy,'' Journal of Monetary Economics, 58(6-8), 590-600. [Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]

Anderson, G. and K. Hachem. 2012. "Institutions and Economic Outcomes: A Dominance-Based Analysis,'' Econometric Reviews, 32(1), 164-182. [Abstract] [PDF] [DOI]

Working Papers

Agency Cost Determinants of Bank Risk-Taking, April 2014 [Abstract] [PDF]
Expands and supplants the first part of: Bank Promotions and Credit Quality, October 2012 [PDF]

Resource Allocation and Inefficiency in the Financial Sector, July 2014 [Abstract] [PDF]
Available as NBER Working Paper No. 20365. Revision requested by Journal of Monetary Economics.

Inflation Announcements and Social Dynamics (with Jing Cynthia Wu), August 2014 [Abstract] [PDF]
Available as NBER Working Paper No. 20161

Liquidity Regulation and Unintended Financial Transformation in China (with Zheng Michael Song), December 2015
Available as NBER Working Paper No. 21880

Research in Progress

The Hidden Costs of Bank Failures in the 1930s (with Jon Cohen and Gary Richardson)

Regulation and Reputation (with Martin Kuncl), [Abstract]

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