Prof. Laurens Debo


Research on Remanufacturing Strategies

“Market Segmentation and Technology Selection for Remanufacturable Products” Management Science, 2005, 51(8), 1193-1205, with Beril Toktay and Luk Van Wassenhove

“Life Cycle Dynamics for Portfolios with Remanufactured Products” Production and Operations Management, 15:4 (Winter 2006), with Beril Toktay and Luk Van Wassenhove

Research on Discretionary Services

“Queuing for Expert Services” Management Science, 2008, 54(8), 1497-1512, with Beril Toktay and Luk Van Wassenhove

“Design and Analysis of Diagnostic Service Centers,” Management Science, 2010, 56(11), 1873-1890 (lead article), with Xiaofang Wang, Alan Scheller-Wolf and Steve Smith

Research on Supply Chain Strategies

“Second Sourcing vs. Sole Sourcing with Capacity Investment and Asymmetric Information” Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2008, 11, 448-470, with Cuihong Li

“Strategic Dynamic Sourcing from Competing Suppliers with Transferrable Capacity Investment,” Naval Research Logistics, 2009, 56(6) 540-562, with Cuihong Li

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“Manager Incentives for Channel Stuffing with Market-based Compensation” Management Science, 2011, 57(2), with Guoming Lai and Lin Nan

“Sharing inventory risk in supply chain: The implication of financial constraint,” Omega, 2009, 37(4), 811-825, with Guoming Lai and Katia Sycara

Research on Strategic Consumer Behavior

"Equilibrium in Queues under Unknown Service Times and Service Value," with Senthil Veeraraghavan

“Signaling Quality via Queues,” Management Science, 2011, 58(5), 576-891, with Uday Rajan and Christine Parlour.

Herding in a Queues, a Laboratory Experiment,” 2012, with Mirko Kremer.

Joining Longer Queues: Information Externalities in Queue Choice,” Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2008, 11, 543-562 (lead article), with Senthil Veeraraghavan (with technical Appendix).

“Herding in Queues with Waiting costs: Rationality and Regret,” Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2011, 13, 329-346 (featured article) with Senthil Veeraraghavan

"Signaling by Price in a Congested Environment,” with Uday Rajan and Senthil Veeraraghavan

Leveraging Quality Information in Stock-outs from Products with Common-Value Uncertainty and Heterogenously Informed Consumers,” with Garrett van Ryzin

“Buy Now and Match Later: The Impact of Posterior Price Matching on Profit with Strategic Consumers,” Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 2008, 12(1), 33-55 (with Erratum, 12(2), 370), with Guoming Lai and Katia Sycara


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