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Lab Group Chicago Graduate School of Business

Self and Social Judgment Laboratory
University of Chicago


Front row: Alain Cohn, Alex Shaw, Nick Epley
Second row: David Tannenbaum, Brittany Christian, Hye-young Kim
Third row: Ed O'Brien, Elizabeth Clark-Polner
Fourth row: Haotian Zhou, Juliana Schroeder, Jasmine Kwong
Top row: Nadav Klein, Tal Eyal
Missing: Shoham Chosen-Hillel


Post-doc Researchers:

Graduate Students:


  • Jasmine Kwong, Epley lab manager - email
  • Paul Lou, RA
  • Katie Matteson, RA
  • Megan Porter, RA
  • Adam Picker, RA
  • Jenna Rozelle, RA
  • Max Snyder, RA
  • Sherry Tseng, RA

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