35916 - New Developments In Public Finance

This course provides graduate-level discussion of topics and methods in public finance. It will be taught Spring 2017 and cover a variety of applied topics: Health insurance (Mahoney), education (Zimmerman), State and Local Public Finance and Place-based Policies (Zidar), and Investment and Housing Tax Policy (Zwick).

Preliminary Syllabus.

33001 - Microeconomics

This course teaches the basic principles of modern microeconomics and their application to business decisions. The course will cover the following topics: the economic determinants of consumer choice; the behavior of firms in competitive and monopolistic settings; the effect of market structure on prices, production, and profit; factor markets, investment, and technological change; the strategic aspects of pricing; the effect of incomplete information and uncertainty on the behavior of consumers and firms.


Practice Midterm, Solutions

Midterm and Solutions are on chalk

Practice Final, Solutions

Week 0: Math Review

- Lecture Notes, Supplemental Math Review

Week 1: Supply and Demand, Elasticities, and Applications

- Lecture Notes, Problem Set, Solutions

Week 2: Consumer and Producer Surplus, Efficiency, Government and Taxation

- Lecture Notes, Problem Set, Solutions, Supplemental Uber case study

Week 3: Consumer Behavior, Market Demand, and Consumer Welfare

- Lecture Notes, Utility Example, Demand for Movies Example, Problem Set, Solutions (2F updated)

Week 4: Economic Cost, Factor Demand, and Technological Change

- Lecture Notes, Cost Example, Practice Problems, Solutions

Week 5: Industry Supply, Market Equilibriuim, Profits

- Lecture Notes, Problem Set, Solutions

Week 6: Capital Markets and Investment

- Lecture Notes, PDV.xls, Supplemental Note of Firm Investment, Problem Set, Solutions

Week 7: Monopoly, Innovation, Advertising

- Lecture Notes, Revenue.xls, Problem Set, Solutions, Supplemental Reading on Market Power

Week 8: Oligopoly, Strategic Interaction, Discrete Choice

- Lecture Notes, Problem Set, Solutions

Week 9: Uncertainty, Insurance, and Adverse Selection

- Lecture Notes, Problem set (due 11/29 or 11/30)

Week 10: Price Discrimination, Behavioral Economics, and Course Review

- Lecture Notes (priliminary), Practice problem set, Solutions

Acknowledgements: These lectures are often heavily based on materials developed by Kevin Murphy and Alex Frankel as well as Bob Topel, Matt Notowidigdo, Emily Oyster, Raj Chetty, Loukas Karabarbounis, Jesse Shapiro, David Card, Jon Guryan, and Jonathan Gruber.

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