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Recurring column, Project Syndicate


Central Banks Need a Bigger and Bolder Mandate, Financial Times, October 2011 (requires subscription)

The IMF Must Stop Playing Second Fiddle in Europe, Financial Times, September 2011 (requires subscription)


Microcredit is Not the Enemy, Financial Times, December 2010 (requires subscription)

Let Them Eat Credit, The New Republic, August 2010

Bernanke Must End Era of Ultra-Low Rates, Financial Times, July 2010 (requires subscription)

Should Bankers Have a Social Conscience?, Financial Times, June 2010

Right to Education: A Bill to Avoid, Indian Express, 2010

A Better Way to Curb Size, Financial Times, 2010


More Capital Will Not Stop the Next Crisis, Financial Times, October 2009 (requires subscription)

When Emerging Markets Demand More, Financial Times, August 2009

Cycle-Proof Regulation, The Economist, April 2009

Protectionism and Global Dialogue, various news publications, 2009

Decoding the Geithner Plan (with Douglas Diamond and Anil Kashyap), Freakonomics blog, February 2009

Unfreezing Credit (with Douglas Diamond), various news publications, February 2009

Indian Democracy and Economic Reforms (with Abhijit Banerjee), 2009


Reforming Global Economic and Financial Governance,, November 2008

How America Came a Cropper, Financial Times, October 2008 (requires subscription)

Reshaping The Banks: Time to ask the IMF for help, Financial Times, October 2008

Desperate Times Need the Right Measures, Financial Times, September 2008 (requires subscription)

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Strengthening the Paulson Plan, Wall Street Journal, September 2008

Emerging Markets Must Shift Their Focus Inward, Financial Times, August 2008

Financial Development at Risk (with Erik Berglof), Financial Times, July 2008

Start with the Ministers (with Abhijit Banerjee), Indian Express, May 2008

A Hundred Small Steps, Business Standard, May 2008

Monetary Policy Myths (with Eswar Prasad), Business Standard, May 2008

Exchange Rate Policy (with Eswar Prasad), Business Standard, April 2008

Why an Inflation Objective? (with Eswar Prasad), Business Standard, April 2008

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Interview Transcript, Economic Times, April 2008

Bankers' Pay is Deeply Flawed, Financial Times, January 2008

Whither Now Regulation?, The Banker, 2008


Central Banks Face a Liquidity Trap, Financial Times, September 2007 (requires subscription)

China and India Lie Low, Financial Times, July 2007 (requires subscription)

Why It Still Takes Small Groups to Solve Global Problems, Financial Times, May 2007 (requires subscription)

Why Hard Assets Are Not Easy to Find, Financial Times, February 2007 (requires subscription)


The Great Game Again?, Finance & Development, December 2006, 43(4), pp. 54-55

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Credible Policies Will Break Dollar's Fall, Financial Times, December 2004 (requires subscription)

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