Prof. Ralph Ossa

Published and Forthcoming Papers

A "New Trade" Theory of GATT/WTO Negotiations (slides)
Journal of Political Economy, 119(1):122-152, February 2011
(the heterogeneous firm extension can be downloaded here)

Profits in the "New Trade" Approach to Trade Negotiations (slides)
American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings, 102(3): 466-469, May 2012

A Gold Rush Theory of Economic Development
Journal of Economic Geography, 13(1): 107-117, January 2013

Market Size, Division of Labor, and Firm Productivity (with Thomas Chaney)
Journal of International Economics, 90(1): 177-180, May 2013

Trade Wars and Trade Talks with Data (slides, column)
American Economic Review 104(12): 4104-46, December 2014

Why Trade Matters After All
Journal of International Economics 97(2): 266-277, November 2015
(the elasticity estimates from Table 1 can be downloaded here)

Working Papers

A Global View of Productivity Growth in China (with Chang-Tai Hsieh)
also available as NBER Working Paper 16778, July 2015 (revised)
revise and resubmit at the Journal of International Economics

A Quantitative Analysis of Subsidy Competition in the U.S. (slides)
also available as NBER Working Paper 20975, February 2015

Quantitative Models of Commercial Policy (programs)
in preparation for Handbook of Commercial Policy

Accounting for the New Gains from Trade Liberalization (with Chang-Tai Hsieh, Nicholas Li, and Mu-Jeung Yang)

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