1. Parents' Beliefs About Their Children's Academic Ability: Implications for Educational Investments. Resubmitted to the American Economic Review. April 2018.
  2. [Online Appendix] [Video Summary]
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Selected research in progress

  1. Choosing Between Children: Investigating the Implications of Parents’ Preferences for Equality (with James Berry and Maulik Jagnani) Fieldwork complete.
  3. Why Do Mothers and Fathers Spend Differently on Children’s Education and Health? (with Seema Jayachandran) Fieldwork complete.
  5. Incentive Design for Disease Management: The Role of Time Preferences (with Shilpa Aggarwal and Ariel Zucker) First endline complete, draft coming soon.
  7. How Do Expectations about Government Benefits Affect Human Capital Investment? (with Manasi Deshpande)
  9. Improving Job Matching Among Youth (with So Yoon Ahn and Benjamin Feigenberg)
  11. Reducing Opioid Use by Incentivizing Inputs and Outcomes (with Ariel Zucker)