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This academic year, 2014-15, I am teaching one section of Bayesian Inference (BUS 41913) in the Spring Quarter, within the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

Bayesian Inference

BUS 41913 is a graduate course in Bayesian Inference. The course will focus on understanding the principles underlying Bayesian modeling and on building experience in the use of Bayesian analysis for making inference about real world problems. Particular attention will be paid to the computational techniques (e.g., MCMC) needed for most problems and their implementation in the R language for statistical computing.

Course syllabus (from Spring 2014; including required and recommended texts)

Applied Regression Analysis

BUS 41100 (Sections 01, 02 and 085) is a course about regression, a powerful and widely used data analysis technique. Students will learn how to use regression to analyze a variety of complex real world problems. Heavy emphasis will be placed on analysis of actual datasets, and implementation in the R language for statistical computing. Topics covered include: simple linear regression, multiple regression, prediction, variable selection, residual diagnostics, time series (auto-regression), and classification (logistic regression).

Course syllabus and Re-marking policy (from Fall 2014)

Robert B. Gramacy -- 2014

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