Research Papers

  1. "Network Disadvantaged Entrepreneurs: Density, Hierarchy, and Success in China and the West," Forthcoming in Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

  2. View Abstract | Download Paper | Download Network Instrument | Download Respondent Worksheets for Network Instrument | Download 2018 Xi'an and IACMR slides
  3. "Angry Entrepreneurs: A Note on Networks Prone to Character Assassination," R. S. Burt and Jar-Der Luo, scheduled to appear in forthcoming Routledge-Taylor and Francis book, Social Networks at Work (SIOP Organizational Frontiers Series), edited by Daniel J. Brass and Stephen P. Borgatti

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  5. "Life Course and Network Advantage: Peak Periods in the Returns to Advantage," In 2018 Springer book, Social Networks and the Life Course, edited by Duane Francis Alwin, Diane H. Felmlee, and Derek Kreager

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  7. "More or Less Guanxi: Trust Is 60% Network Context, 10% Individual Difference," R. S. Burt, Yanjie Bian, and Sonja Opper, July 2018 Social Networks

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  9. "A Note on Business Survival and Social Network," Chenlin Zhao and R. S. Burt, June 2018 Management and Organization Review

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  11. "Social Origins of Great Strategies," R. S. Burt and Giuseppe Soda, December 2017 Strategy Science

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  13. "Social Network and Temporal Discounting," December 2017 Network Science

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  15. "Early Network Events in the Later Success of Chinese Entrepreneurs," R. S. Burt and Sonja Opper, September 2017 Management and Organization Review

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  17. "Chinese Entrepreneurs, Social Networks, and Guanxi," R. S. Burt and Katarzyna Burzynska, June 2017 Management and Organization Review, presented at MOR Research Frontiers Conference, hosted in Beijing by the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University

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  19. "Network Tourists," August 2016 working paper presented at the annual meetings of the Academy of Management

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  21. "Sampling Weibo," R. S. Burt, Hong Huang, Jie Tang, Jing Zhang, April 2016 working paper

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  23. "Network Oscillation," R. S. Burt and Jennifer Merluzzi, December 2016 Academy of Management Discoveries

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  25. "Reinforced Structural Holes," October 2015 Social Networks

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  27. "Reputation and Status as Contingency Factors," January 2014 working paper

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  29. "Embedded Brokerage: Hubs versus Locals," R. S. Burt and Jennifer Merluzzi, In 2014 Emerald Group book, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, edited by Stephen P. Borgatti, Daniel J. Brass, Daniel S. Halgin, Giuseppe Labianca, and Ajay Mehra (download includes Appendix in .pdf file)

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  31. "How many names?" Jennifer Merluzzi and R. S. Burt, July 2013 Social Networks

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  33. "Social Network Analysis: Foundations and Frontiers on Advantage," R. S. Burt, Martin Kilduff, and Stefano Tasselli, 2013 Annual Review of Psychology

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  35. "Network-Related Personality and the Agency Question: Multi-Role Evidence from a Virtual World," November 2012 American Journal of Sociology

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  37. "The Shadow of Other People: Socialization and Social Comparison in Marketing," In 2010 Taylor and Francis book, The Connected Customer, edited by Stefan Wuyts, Marnik Dekimpe, Els Gijsbrechts and Rik Peters

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  39. Neighbor Networks, 2010 Oxford University Press

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  41. "Network Duality of Social Capital," In 2009 Edward Elgar book, Social Capital: Reaching Out, Reaching In, edited by Viva Ona Bartkus and James H. Davis

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  43. "Information and Structural Holes: Comment on Reagans and Zuckerman," 2008 Industrial and Corporate Change

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  45. "Industry Performance and Indirect Access to Structural Holes," In 2008 Elsevier book, Advances in Strategic Management, edited by Joel A. C. Baum and Timothy J. Rowley

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  47. "Gossip and Reputation," In 2008 Hermes-Lavoisier book, Management et Reseaux Sociaux: Ressource Pour l'Action ou Outil de Gestion?, edited by Marc Lecoutre and Pascal Lievre,

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  49. "Closure and Stability: Persistent Reputation and Enduring Relations among Bankers and Analysts," In 2007 Russell Sage Foundation book, The Missing Links: Formation and Decay in Economic Networks, edited by James E. Rauch

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  51. "Teaching Executives to See Social Capital: Results from a Field Experiment," R. S. Burt and Don Ronchi, 2007 Social Science Research

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  53. "Secondhand Brokerage: Evidence on the Importance of Local Structure for Managers, Bankers, and Analysts," February 2007 Academy of Management Journal

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  55. "Interlocking Directorates behind the S&P Indices," September 2006 working paper

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  57. Brokerage and Closure, 2005 Oxford University Press

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  59. "Structural Holes and Good Ideas," September 2004 American Journal of Sociology

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  61. "Competition, Contingency, and the External Structure of Markets," R. S. Burt, M. Guilarte, H. J. Raider, and Y. Yasuda, In 2002 Elsevier book, Advances in Strategic Management, edited by Paul Ingram and Brian Silverman

  62. View Abstract | Download Paper | Download Acta Sociologica Appendix
  63. "Bridge Decay," October 2002 festschrift issue of Social Networks in honor of Linton C. Freeman, edited by Noah Friedkin and David Krackhardt

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  65. "The Social Capital of Structural Holes," In 2002 Russell Sage Foundation book, New Directions in Economic Sociology, edited by Mauro F. Guillen, Randall Collins, Paula England, and Marshall Meyer (portions reprinted in 2005, Sociologia e Politiche Sociali, translated by Michel Forse)

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  67. "Attachment, Decay, and Social Network," September 2001 Journal of Organizational Behavior

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  69. "Graduate School of Business Alumnae Survey: Contacts, Career, and Family"

  70. View Abstract | Download GSBAS1, Questionnaire
    GSBAS2 "Fieldwork for the GSBAS"
    GSBAS3 "Survey responses"
    GSBAS4 "A Preliminary Sketch of the GSB Alumna"
    GSBAS5 "The Alumnae Survey" two-page overview of the respondents, taken from the Spring 1999 issue of the GSB Chicago magazine, and written by Colleen Newquist.
  71. "Bandwidth and Echo: Trust, Information, and Gossip in Social Networks," In 2001 Russell Sage Foundation book, Networks and Markets, edited by Alessandra Casella and James E. Rauch

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  73. "Structural Holes versus Network Closure as Social Capital," In 2001 Aldine de Gruyter book, Social Capital: Theory and Research, edited by Nan Lin, Karen S. Cook and R. S. Burt

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  75. "The Network Structure of Social Capital," 2000 Research in Organizational Behavior

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  77. "The Social Capital of French and American Managers," R. S. Burt, R. M. Hogarth and C. Michaud, March-April 2000 Organization Science

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  79. "Decay Functions," May 2000 Social Networks

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  81. "The Social Capital of Opinion Leaders," November 1999 Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science (portions reprinted in 2011 book, Social Capital in Business, edited by Kenneth W. Koput and Joseph P. Broschak)

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  83. "Private Games Are Too Dangerous," December 1999 Computational and Mathematical Organization Theory

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  85. "Entrepreneurs, Distrust, and Third Parties," In 1999 book, Shared Cognition in Organizations: The Management of Knowledge, edited by Leigh Thompson, John Levine and David Messick

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  87. "Partitioning the American Economy for Organization Research," 1998 working paper

  88. View Abstract | Download Paper | Download 1998 Data
  89. "The Gender of Social Capital," February 1998 Rationality and Society

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  91. "Personality Correlates of Structural Holes," R. S. Burt, J. E. Jannotta and J. T. Mahoney, January 1998 Social Networks (portions reprinted in 1998 book, Influence in Organizations, edited by Roderick M. Kramer and Margeret A. Neale)

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  93. "The contingent value of social capital," June 1997 Administrative Science Quarterly (portions reprinted in 2000 book, Knowledge and Social Capital, edited by Erick L. Lesser; and 2001 book, Social Stratification: Class, Race, and Gender in Sociological Perspective, edited by David B. Grusky)

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  95. "A note on social capital and network content," October 1997 Social Networks

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  97. "Social contagion and social structure," R. S. Burt and G. A. Janicik, In 1996 Sage book, Networks in Marketing, edited by Dawn Iacobucci

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  99. "Le capital social, les trous structuraux, et l,entrepreneur," 1995 Revue Francaise de Sociologie, translated by Emmanuel Lazega

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  101. "Kinds of third-party effects on trust," R. S. Burt and M. Knez, July 1995 Rationality and Society (portions reprinted in 1996 book, Trust in Organizations, edited by Roderick M. Kramer and Tom R. Tyler; and 2006 book, Organizational Trust, edited by Roderick M. Kramer

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  103. "Measuring a Large Network Quickly," R. S. Burt and D. Ronchi, April 1994 Social Networks

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  105. "Market niche," R. S. Burt and I. Talmud, June 1993 Social Networks

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  107. "Measuring Age as a Structural Concept," March 1991 Social Networks

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  109. "Interorganization contagion in corporate philanthropy," J. Galaskiewicz and R. S. Burt, March 1991 Administrative Science Quarterly

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  111. "Contested Control in a Large Manufacturing Plant," In 1990 ISOR book, Social Networks through Time, edited by J. Weesie and Henk Flap

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  113. "Detecting Role Equivalence," March 1990 Social Networks

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  115. "Kinds of Relations in American Discussion Networks," In 1990 Cambridge University Press book, Structures of Power and Constraint: Papers in Honor of Peter M. Blau, edited Craig Calhoun, Marshall W. Meyer, W. Richard Scott

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  117. "Another look at the boundaries of American markets," R. S. Burt and D. S. Carlton, November 1989 American Journal of Sociology

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  119. "The stability of American markets," September 1988 American Journal of Sociology

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  121. "Some properties of structural equivalence measures derived from sociometric choice data," March 1988 Social Networks

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  123. "Social contagion and innovation: cohesion versus structural equivalence," May 1987 American Journal of Sociology

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  125. "A note on the General Social Survey ersatz network density item," March 1987 Social Networks

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  127. "A Note on Sociometric Order in the General Social Survey Network Data," June 1986 Social Networks

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  129. "A Note on Scaling the General Social Survey Network Item Response Categories," December 1986 Social Networks

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  131. "Relation Contents in Multiple Networks," R. S. Burt and T. Schott, December 1985 Social Science Research

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  133. "Network Items and the General Social Survey," December 1984 Social Networks

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  135. "Corporate philanthropy as a cooptive relation," December 1983 Social Forces

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  137. "Studying status/role-sets as ersatz network positions in mass surveys," February 1981 Sociological Methods & Research

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  139. "Testing a structural theory of corporate cooptation: interorganizational directorate ties as a strategy for avoiding market constraints on profits," R. S. Burt, K. P. Christman and Harold C. Kilburn Jr., October 1980 American Sociological Review

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  141. "Autonomy in a social topology," January 1980 American Journal of Sociology

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  143. "Positions in networks," September 1976 Social Forces

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