Web page for "An Introduction to Analysis of Financial Data with R" by Ruey S. Tsay

Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics, John Wiley, ISBN 978-0-470-89081-3 (2013)

This web contains the data sets, R packages, R scripts, and R commands used in the text.

All analyses in the text were carried out with R.

Errata of the text.

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#### Analysis of Global Temperature: ch3case2.pdf ######


The solutions are not for distribution and should not be given to any third part without permission from the author and Wiely.

Chapter 1: Financial Data and Their Properties

Data sets used (including exercises): ch1data.zip (file names are given in the text)

R packages used: quantmod, fBasics, mnormt

R scripts used: ohlc.R, ma.R

Data sets for exercises: (1) d-axp3dx-0111.txt, (2) m-ge3dx-4011.txt, (5) d-fx-ukus-0711.txt and d-fx-usjp-0711.txt

R commands used in the chapter: ch1Rscripts.txt

Chapter 2: Linear Models for Financial Time Series

Data sets used (including exercises): ch2data.zip

R packages used: quantmod, fUnitRoots, TSA, fracdiff

R scripts used: backtest.R, foreplot.R

Data sets for exercises: (1) m-unrate-4811.txt, (2) m-dec125910-6111.txt, (4) m-aaa-1911.txt and m-baa-1911.txt, (7) q-jnj-earns-9211.txt, (8) q-GNPC96.txt

R commands used in Chapter 2: ch2Rscripts.txt

Chapter 3: Case Studies of Linear Time Series

Data sets used (including exercises): ch3data.zip

R script used: backtest.R (see Chapter 2)

Data sets for exercises: (1) m-CAUS-7611.txt, (2) m-morgfed-7111.txt

R commands used in Chapter 3: ch3Rscripts.txt

Chapter 4: Asset Volatility and Volatility Models

Data sets used (including exercises): ch4data.zip

R package used: fGarch

R scripts used: archTest.R, Igarch.R, garchM.R, Egarch.R, Ngarch.R, Tgarch11.R, and vold2m.R

Data sets for exercised: (1) d-spy-0111.txt, (3) m-ko-6111.txt, (5) d-pg-0111.txt

R commands used in Chapter 4: ch4Rscripts.txt

Chapter 5: Applications of Volatility Models

Data sets used (including exercises): ch5data.zip

R package used: fGarch

R scripts used: EWMAvol.R, GMVP.R, backtest.R (see chapter 2), backtestGarch.R

Data sets for exercises: (1) w-petroprice.txt, (2) d-a2a-0110.txt, (3) d-abtsp-0110.txt. For problems (4) and (5), see (2).

R commands used in Chapter 5: ch5Rscripts.txt

Chapter 6: High Frequency Financial Data

Data sets used (including exercises): ch6data.zip

R packages used: fGarcg, MASS

R scripts used: acd.R, hfanal.R, hf2ts.R, hfchg.R, GeoSize.R

Data sets for exercises: (3) taq-aa-t-june72010.txt, (5) taq-aa-t-june82010.txt, (6) taq-aa-t-june7t112010.txt, (7) taq-sbux-jul2011.txt

R commands used in Chapter 6: ch6Rscripts.txt

Chapter 7: Value at Risk

Data sets used (including erercises): ch7data.zip

R packages used: fGarch, evir, quantreg

R scripts used: SimGarcht.R, Hill.R

Data sets for exercises: (1)-(5) d-aapl-0111.txt, (6) d-aaplbnd-0111.txt

Some R scripts used in exercises: RMfit.R, RMeasure, evtVaR, RMeasure.sim

R commands used in Chapter 7: ch7Rscripts.txt