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ECON38001/BUS33492, Applied Macroeconomics: Micro Data for Macro Models.

Lecture slides

Economic Policy Uncertainty: Measures and Applications," IMF Institute for Capacity Development, Economics Training Program 18 November 2016. Slides

"Friedman Forum for Undergraduates: "Using Text to Quantify Policy Uncertainty," 11 November 2016.  Slides

The following slides are for an empirically oriented Ph.D. course on Micro Data for Macro Models. Most of the lectures treat topics at the intersection of Macroeconomics and Labor Economics

Longitudinal Business Databases: A Research Tool for Economists” (short introduction to these databases and their uses), January 2016 (PDF)

Using Large-Scale Longitudinal Business Databases, October 2014, (PDF)

Private Equity, Jobs, and Productivity,” June 2014 (PDF)

"Exploiting Management to Raise Productivity," May 2016 (PDF)

Empirical Foundations for the Flow Approach to Labor Markets, November 2011, (PDF)

Labor Market Fluidity, November 2014

The Unemployments Volatility Puzzle and the Role of Wage Determination, January 2012, (PDF)

Evidence of Nominal Wage Stickiness, January 2012, (PDF)

Evidence on Why Wages are Sticky, November 2012, (PDF)

Persistent Wage Effects of Past Labor Market Conditions, December 2012, (PDF)

On the Consequences of Job Loss, February 2015, (PDF)

Brief Notes on Matching Functions, October 2013, (PDF)

Vacancies and Hiring, Establishment-Level Evidence and Aggregate Implications, November 2014, (PDF)

Policy Uncertainty and Related Topics, November 2014, (PDF)