Applied Economics Workshop


Josephine Claxton, Workshop Administrator (


Wednesday, 1:20-2:50 p.m.


Harper Center HC3B

When possible, links to the workshop papers are posted to this page. Hard copies of the below workshop papers will be available in Harper Center, Room 448 preceding the workshop, except for the winter quarter. 

Autumn 2012

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
October 3 "Competition and Interdependent Costs in Highway Procurement" Paulo Somaini, MIT
October 10 "Airline Mergers and the Potential Entry Defense" James W. Roberts, Duke
October 17 "Policy Influence and Private Returns from Lobbying in the Energy Sector" Karam Kang, Carnegie Mellon Tepper
October 24 "US Incentive Auctions" Paul R. Milgrom, Stanford University
October 31 "Forced Coexistence and Economic Development: Evidence from Native American Reservations" Christian Dippel, UCLA Anderson School of Management
November 7 "Does Offshoring Lift All Boats? The Role of Induced Technology Adoption and Innovation" Manisha Goel, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
November 14 "Franchisees' Financial Constraints and Franchisors' Franchising Decisions" Ying Fan, University of Michigan
November 28 "The Spending and Debt Response to Minimum Wage Hikes" Daniel Aaronson, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago
December 5 "Ethnic Divisions and Production in Firms" Jonas Hjort, Columbia Business School

Spring 2012

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
March 14 "The Effects of Democratization on Economic Policy: Evidence from China" Gerard Padro i Miquel, London School of Economics
March 28 "Cleaning the Bathwater with the Baby: The Health Co-Benefits of Carbon Pricing in Transportation" Christopher Knittel, MIT
April 4 "The Marginal Rate of Corruption in Public Programs" Paul Neihaus, University of California, San Diego
April 11 "Leaders and Followers: A Case Study of Papal Influences on Fertility Preferences and Behavior" Imran Rasul, UCL
April 18 "The Genetic Architecture of Economic and Political Preferences" David Cesarini, New York University
April 25 "No Margin, no Mission? A Field Experiment on Incentives for Pro-Social Tasks" Oriana Bandiera, London School of Economics
May 2 "What is the True Rate of Social Mobility? Surnames and Social Mobility in England, 1800-2011"
"Surnames and the Laws of Social Mobility"
Gregory Clark, University of California, Davis
May 9 "Moral Hazard and Claims Deterrence in Private Disability Insurance" Mark Duggan, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton
May 16 "Dynamic Pricing Behavior in Perishable Goods Markets: Evidence from Secondary Markets for Major League Baseball Tickets" Andrew T. Sweeting, Duke University
May 23 "Social Support Substitution and Labor Supply Shifting: Evidence from a Regression Discontinuity in Disability Insurance Reform" Erzo Luttmer, Dartmouth College
May 30 "Trade and Welfare in Motion Pictures" Joel Waldfogel, University of Minnesota

Winter 2012

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
January 11 "Private Information and Insurance Rejections" Nathaniel Hendren, MIT
January 18 "Tracking Networks and the Mexican Drug War" Melissa Dell, MIT
January 20 "A Quantitative Approach to Incentives: Application to Voting Rules" Gabriel Carroll, MIT
January 23 "A Supply and Demand Framework for Two-Sided Matching Markets" Eduardo Azevedo, Harvard University
January 27 "The Impact of Asymmetric Information About Collateral Values in Mortgage Lending" Johannes Stroebel, Stanford University
January 30 "Econometrics of Sampled Networks" Arun Chandrasekhar, MIT
February 1 "Do Physicians' Financial Incentives Affect Medical Treatment and Patient Health?" Joshua Gottlieb, Harvard University

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