Accounting Workshop


Regina Wittenberg-Moerman


Thursdays 1:20-2:50 p.m.


Harper Center Lecture Hall C06

Papers and titles will be posted to the website when they become available. If you have any questions about the schedule, please email Gen Hensley or phone her at (773) 702-7460.

Autumn Quarter 2010

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
September 16 "Do Capital Market Pressures Explain Time-Variance in Accounting Fraud?" Robert Davidson, Chicago
September 23 TBD Anna Costello, Chicago
September 30 No Workshop - JAE  
October 7 "Measuring Disclosure Quality with Changes in the Term Structure of Implied Volatility" Jonathan Milian, Chicago
October 14 "Investor Sophistication, Disclosure and the Information Environment of the Firm" Alon Kalay, Chicago
October 21 "Adverse Selection, Informational Feedback Effect, and the Optimal Disclosure Policy" Pingyang Gao, Chicago
October 28 "Stock Options and Managerial Incentives for Risk-Taking:  Evidence from FAS 123R" Rachel Hayes, Utah
November 4 "The Efficiency of Clawback Provisions in Compensation Contracts" Carolyn Levine, Rutgers
November 11 "Where Do Firms Manage Earnings?" Ed Maydew, UNC
November 18 "Dissecting Earnings Recognition Timeliness" Ryan Ball, Chicago
November 25 No Workshop - Thanksgiving  
December 2 "Measuring Securities Litigation Risk" Doug Skinner, Chicago
December 9 "Capital-Market Effects of Securities Regulation: The Role of Implementation and Enforcement" Christian Leuz, Chicago

Spring Quarter 2010

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
April 1 "Accounting Discretion, Loan Loss Provisioning, and Discipline of Banks’ Risk-Taking" Robert Bushman, UNC
April 8 "Does Classifying and Disaggregating Financial Statement Information Help Credit Analysts Recognize a Firm's Cost Structure?" Robert Bloomfield, Cornell
April 15 "The Cost of Equity Capital: Implied and Applied" Charles Lee, Stanford
April 22 "The Benefits of Financial Statement Comparability" Rodrigo Verdi, MIT
April 29 "Earnings Precision and the Relations Between Earnings and Returns" David Burgstahler, Washington
May 6 No Workshop: JAR Conference  
May 13 "TARP Capital Purchase Program:  Evidence on banks’ financial performance and valuation" Regina Wittenberg-Moerman, Chicago
May 20 Brownbag for Curriculum Paper Meng Li Chicago, PhD Student
May 27 Brownbag for Curriculum Paper Catherine Farmer, Chicago- PhD Student
June 3 "Accrual Reversals, Earnings and Stock Returns" Richard Sloan, Berkeley
June 10   Christian Leuz Chicago

Winter Quarter 2010

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
January 7 "How Do Individual Investors React to Global IFRS Adoption?" Ulf Bruggemann (Lancaster)
January 14 "Accounting-based covenants and credit market access" Valeri Nikolaev, Chicago
January 21 "Cost of Capital in Imperfect Competition Settings" Ro Verrecchia, Wharton
January 28 Recruiting  
February 4 Recruiting  
February 11 Recruiting  
February 18 Recruiting  
February 25 Recruiting  
March 4 Recruiting  
March 11 No Workshop: School-wide Seminar  
March 18 TBD Pingyang Gao, Chicago

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