Accounting Workshop


Regina Wittenberg-Moerman


Thursdays 1:20-2:50 p.m.


Harper Center Lecture Hall C06

Papers and titles will be posted to the website when they become available. If you have any questions about the schedule, please email Gen Hensley or phone her at (773) 702-7460.

Autumn Quarter 2011

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
September 22 "On Estimating Conditional Conservatism" Ray Ball, Chicago
September 29 "Managerial Diversion and Internal Disciplinary Mechanism: Theory and Evidence" Meng Li, Chicago
October 6 "The Multinational Advantage" Jonathan Rogers (Chicago)
October13 "The Dark Side of Trading" Ilia Dichev (Emory University)
October 20 No Workshop - JAE Conference  
October 27 "A Contracting Approach to Conservatism and Earnings Management" Pingyang Gao (Chicago)
November 3 "The Spillover Effect  of Fraudulent Financial Reporting on Peer Firms' Investment Efficiency" Anne Beatty (Ohio State University)
November 10 "Taking the Long Way Home: Offshore Investments in U.S. Equity and Debt Markets and U.S. Tax Evasion" Michelle Hanlon (MIT)
November 17 "The Effects of Firm Growth and Model Specification Choices on Tests of Earnings Management" Dan Collins (University of Iowa)
November 24 No Workshop - Thanksgiving  
December 1 "Competition, Comparative Performance, and Market Transparency" Bruce Carlin (UCLA)
December 8 "Scope for Renegotiation and Debt Contract Design" Valeri Nikolaev (Chicago)

Spring Quarter 2011

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
March 3 "Bank Monitoring and Accounting Recognition: The case of aging-report requirements" Richard Frankel (Washington University)
April 7 "The Power of Accounting Recognition beyond Disclosure: an Incomplete Contracts Approach" Pingyang Gao (Chicago)
April 14 "Attracting attention in a limited attention world: An exploration of the forces behind positive extreme earnings surprises" Mark Solimon (University of Washington)
April 21 "Financial Statement Disaggregation and Auditors’ Tolerance for Misstatement" Bob Libby (Cornell)
April 28 "The role of stock ownership by US members of Congress on the market for political favors" Ahmed Tahoun (LSE)
May 5 No Workshop - JAR  
May 12 "Conference Presentations and Selective Access to Disclosure" Brian Bushee, Wharton
May 19 No Workshop - Booth W/S  
May 26 No Workshop - UNC Global Issues Conference  
June 2 "The Effect of Managerial “Style” on the Tone of Earnings Conference Calls" Dawn Matsumoto, University of Washington
June 9 No Workshop - Exams  

Winter Quarter 2011

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
January 6 No Workshop - Recruiting  
January 13 No Workshop - Recruiting  
January 20 No Workshop - Recruiting  
January 27 No Workshop - Recruiting  
February 3 No Workshop - Recruiting  
February 10 No Workshop - Recruiting  
February 17 No Workshop - Recruiting  
February 24 "Do Firms Adjust Their Timely Loss Recognition in Response to Changes in the Banking Industry?" Xiumin Martin, Washington University
March 3 "Analyst recommendations and higher order beliefs: Explaining bubbles and price drift" Cathy Schrand, Wharton
March 10 "Analyzing Speech to Detect Financial Misreporting" Mohan Venkatachalam, Duke
March 17 "Personal Wealth Interests of Politicians and Government Intervention in the Economy: The Bailout of the U.S. Financial Sector" Laurence van Lent, Tilburg


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