Accounting Workshop


Regina Wittenberg-Moerman


Thursdays 1:20-2:50 p.m.


Harper Center Lecture Hall C06

Papers and titles will be posted to the website when they become available. If you have any questions about the schedule, please email Gen Hensley or phone her at (773) 702-7460.

Autumn Quarter 2012

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
Setember 27 "Disclosure and Monitoring Regulation in the Commercial Banking Industry: Lessons from the National Banking Era" Joao Granja, Chicago, PhD Student
October 4 "Corporate Lobbying and Financial Statements: Evidence from the American Jobs Creation Act of 2004" Catherine Farmer, Chicago, PhD Student
October 11 "Information Disclosures and Predictable Returns: The Resolution of Customer Momentum" Josh Madsen, Chicago, PhD Student
October 18 "A Characteristic Model for Asset Pricing" Scott Richardso, LBS
October 25 "Why do firms bundle disclosures?" Zach Kaplan, Chicago, PhD Student
November 1 No Workshop: JAE Conference  
November 8 "Some economic issues involving executive compensation" Ron Dye, Northwestern
November 15 "A Measurement Approach to Binary Classifications and Thresholds" Pingyang Gao, Chicago
November 22 No Workshop: Thanksgiving Holiday  
November 29 "A Theory of Income Smoothing When Insiders Know More Than Outsiders" Viral Acharya, NYU
December 6 "Did Capital Requirements and Fair Value Accounting Spark Fire Sales in Distressed Mortgage-Backed Securities?" Rene Stultz, Ohio State

Spring Quarter 2012

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
March 29 "When Do Independent Directors Improve Firms' Information Environments?" John Core, MIT
April 5 "Strategic Informed Trades, Diversification, and Expected Returns" Judson Caskey, UCLA
April 12 "Idiosyncratic Risk, Systemtic Risk, and Firm Welfare" Mirko Heinle, Wharton
April 19 "Outliers and Inference in Accounting Research" Andy Leone, University of Miami
April 26 "Corporate Diversification and the Cost of Capital" Maria Ogneva, Stanford
May 3 "Corporate Acquisitions, Diversification, and the Firm's Lifecycle" Rene Stulz, Ohio State University
May 10 "Does Financial Constraint Affect the Relation between Shareholder Taxes and the Cost of Equity Capital?" Doug Shackelford, UNC
May 17 No Workshop - JAR Conference  
May 24 "Counterparty Responses to Managerial Overconfidence" Holly Yang, Wharton
May 31 "Investor Conferences as a Research Service" Stan Markov, University of Texas - Dallas
June 7 "Competition in the Audit Market" Joseph Gerakos, Chicago

Winter - Autumn 2012

Date Topic Speaker
January 5 No Workshop - Recruiting


January 12 No Workshop - Recruiting  
January 19 No Workshop - Recruiting  
January 26 No Workshop - Recruiting  
February 2 No Workshop - Recruiting  
February 9 No Workshop - Recruiting  
February 16 No Workshop - Recruiting  
February 23 No Workshop - Recruiting  
March 1 "Initial Evidence on the Market Impact of the XBRL Mandate" Hal White, University of Michigan
March 8 No Workshop  
March 15 "Mandatory IFRS Reporting and Changes in Enforcement" Hans Christensen, Chicago


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