Research Workshops

Workshop in Accounting Research

Douglas Skinner and Jonathan Rogers
Thursdays 3:10 - 4:30 p.m.
Room 3B

Autumn Quarter 2008

08.22.08 On the Stewardship and Valuation Implication of Accrual Accounting Systems Thomas Hemmer, University of Houston
09.25.08 Scienter Disclosure Alan Jagolinzer, Stanford University
10.02.08 Negotiated Measurement Rules in Debt Contracts Ningzhong Li, University of Chicago
10.09.08 News Dissemination and the Impact of the Business Press Eugene Soltes, University of Chicago
10.16.08 Rating Agency Adjustments to GAAP Financial Statements and their Effect on Ratings and Bond Yields Pepa Kraft, University of Chicago
10.23.08 No Workshop - JAE Conference  

Who Uses Fair-Value Accounting for Non-Financial Assets Following IFRS Adoption?

Hans Christensen, University of Chicago
11.06.08 Earnings Manipulation and the Cost of Capital Günter Strobl, University of North Carolina
11.13.08 The Disciplinary Role of Earnings Information Ewa Sletten, MIT
11.20.08 Transaction Records, Impersonal Exchange, and Division of Labor Greg Waymire, Emory
11.27.08 No Workshop - THANKSGIVING  
12.04.08 Executive Overconfidence and the Slippery Slope to Fraud Sarah Zechman - University of Chicago
12.11.08 No Workshop - Winter Holiday  
12.18.08 No Workshop - Winter Holiday  
12.25.08 No Workshop - Winter Holiday  
01.01.09 No Workshop - Winter Holiday  

Winter Quarter 2009

01.08.09 The Information Content of the Forward-looking Statements in Corporate Filings - a Naive Bayesian Machine Learning Approach

Feng Li - University of Michigan

01.15.09 Are All Special Items Equally Special? The Predictive Role of Conservatism Sugata Roychowdhury - MIT
01.22.09 TBD  
01.29.09 Recruiting  
02.05.09 Recruiting  
02.12.09 Recruiting  
02.19.09 Recruiting  
02.26.09 Recruiting  
03.05.09 TBD Robert Davidson, University of Chicago
03.12.09 TBD  
03.19.09 Disclosure Tone and Shareholder Litigation Andy Van Buskirk, University of Chicago
03.26.09 No Workshop - Spring Break  

Spring Quarter 2009

04.02.09 TBD 
04.09.09 Stock Splits - Information or Liquidity? Alon Kalay, University of Chicago
04.16.09 Disproportional Control and Insider Entrenchment: Evidence from Capital Structure Choices and Institutional Investment Aiyesha Dey, University of Chicago
04.23.09 Identifying Conditional Conservatism in the Presence of Risky Debt and Mixed-Attribute Accounting Stephen Ryan, New York University
04.30.09 Assessing Earnings and Accruals Quality: U.S. and International Evidence Peter Wysocki, MIT
05.07.09 No Workshop - JAR Conference  
05.14.09 Book/Market Ratios, Personal Income Taxes, and Expected Returns Ray Ball and Valeri Nikolaev - University of Chicago
05.21.09 Transparency, Liquidity, and Valuation: International Evidence Mark Lang, University of North Carolina
05.28.09 Accounting Method Heterogeneity and Analysts' Forecasts Mark Brawshaw, University of Chicago (Visiting)
06.04.09 The Effect of Financial Reporting on the Location, Reinvestment, and Repatriation Decisions of Multinational Companies Michelle Hanlon - University of Michigan
06.11.09 No Workshop - EXAMS  
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