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Applied Economics Workshop

When possible, links to the workshop papers are posted to this page. Hard copies of the above workshop papers will be available in Harper Center, Room 448 preceding the workshop, except for the winter quarter. For more information, please contact:

Tamara Lingo
Workshop Administrator
Harper Center Room 448

Winter Quarter 2009

January 12 (Monday) at 1:30pm in HC 3B

"The Combinatorial Assignment Problem: Approximate Competitive Equilibrium from Equal Incomes"

Eric Budish (Harvard University)

January 14 (Wednesday) at 1:30pm in HC 3B

"Censored Quantile Instrumental Variable Estimates of the Price Elasticity of Expenditure on Medical Care"

Amanda Kowalski (MIT)

January 21 (Wednesday) at 1:30pm in HC 3B

"Unobserved Heterogeneity and Reserve Prices in Auctions"

James Roberts (Northwestern University)

January 26 (Monday) at 1:30pm in HC 3B (joint with Macroeconomics)

"Railroads of the Raj: Estimating the Impact of Transportation Infrastructure"

Dave Donaldson (London School of Economics)

January 28 (Wednesday) at 1:30pm in HC 3B

"Quantifying Long-term Adjustment to Environmental Change: Evidence from the American Dust Bowl"

Richard Hornbeck (MIT)

January 30 (Friday) at 3:00pm in HC 24

"Relational Contracts and the Value of Relationships"

Marina Halac (University of California, Berkeley)

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