Finance Workshop


For information concerning the Finance Workshop, please contact Jennifer Williams at 773.702.5530.


Tuesday, 1:20-2:50p.m. unless otherwise noted.


Harper Center Room 03 unless otherwise noted.

Winter 2018

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
Tuesday, January 2 "Securities Class Action Lawsuits as a Tax on Successful Innovation and Economic Growth" Elisabeth Kempf, Chicago Booth
Tuesday, January 9 "When Losses Turn into Loans: The Cost of Undercapitalized Banks" Laura Blattner, Harvard
Tuesday, January 16 "Fund Tradeoffs" Lubos Pastor, Chicago Booth
Tuesday, January 23 Risk Sharing and the Term Structure of Interest Rates Andres Schneider, UCLA
Tuesday, January 30 Corruption and Firms: Evidence from Randomized Audits in Brazil Emanuele Colonnelli, Stanford University
Tuesday, February 6 From Local to Global: Offshoring and Asset Prices Lorenzo Bretscher, London School of Economics
Tuesday, February 13 Fiscal Risks and Currency Returns Zhengyang Jiang, Stanford Business
Tuesday, February 20 TBA  
Tuesday, February 27 TBA  
Tuesday, March 6 TBA  


Autumn 2017

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
Tuesday, September 19 ROOM 02 "Monetary Policy Spillovers Through Invoicing Currencies" Tony (Weiting) Zhang, PhD Candidate, Chicago Booth
Tuesday, September 26 "The Cost of Financial Mistakes: Evidence from U.S. Homeowners" Adam Jorring, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago
Tuesday, October 3 "The Risk of Risk-Sharing: Do financial shocks drive boom-bust cycles?" Paymon Khorrami, PhD Candidate, Chicago Booth
Tuesday, October 10 Relative Pay for Non-Relative Performance: Keeping up with the Joneses with Optimal Contracts Ron Kaniel, Simon School of Business, Univ. of Rochester
Tuesday, October 17 Asymmetric Information and Security Design under Knightian Uncertainty Andrey Malenko, MIT Sloan School of Management
Tuesday, October 24 “The Origins of Italian NPLs” Luigi Zingales, Chicago Booth
Tuesday, October 31 Cross-Border Bank Flows and Systemic Risk Andrew Karolyi, Samuel Curtis Johnson, Graduate School of Management, Cornell University
Tuesday, November 7 "Shareholder Litigation and Corporation Innovation" Gustavo Manso, Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkley
Tuesday, November 14 "Bankruptcy Spillovers" Shai Bernstein, Stanford Graduate School of Business
Tuesday, November 21 "Real Estate Boom and Misallocation of Capital in China" Wei Xiong, Princeton University
Tuesday, November 28 "Mechanism Selection and Trade Formation on Swap Execution Facilities: Evidence from Index CDS" Haoxiang Zhu, MIT Sloan School of Management
Tuesday, December 5 "Insider Investor and Information" Will Cong, Chicago Booth

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