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For information concerning this workshop, please email Gwen Tillman or phone her at 773.702.0053. She is located in Room 525 of the Chicago Booth Charles M. Harper Center.


Tuesday seminars will be held from 1:20 - 2:50 p.m. in Harper Center Room 03, unless otherwise noted.
Copies of the papers will also be available in Harper Center Room 525.


Autumn Quarter 2009

September 29 "Did the Fed Funds Market Collapse After Lehman? The Federal Funds Market in the Early Stages of the Financial Crisis" Antoinette Schoar, MIT, Sloan, Visiting Booth
October 6 "Innovation, Financing and Aggregate Risk" Christian Opp, Finance Ph.D. Student, Chicago Booth
October 13 "Volume and Changing Covariances" Christopher Hrdlicka , Finance Ph.D. Student, Chicago Booth
October 20 "Bankruptcy and the Collateral Channel" with Nittai Bergman Efraim Benmelech, Harvard Economics, Visiting Booth
October 27 "Free for a Fee: The Hidden Cost of Index Fund Investing" Alexi Savov, Finance Ph.D. Student, Chicago Booth
November 3 "Endogenous Gentrification and Housing Price Dynamics" with Daniel Hartley & Veronica Guerrieri Erik Hurst, Chicago Booth
November 10 No Seminar  
November 17

"The Social Cost of Near-Rational Investment - Why We Should Worry About Volatile Stock Markets" with Thomas Mertens


Tarek Hassan, Chicago Booth


November 24 "An Institutional Theory of Momentum and Reversal" Dimitri Vayanos, London School of Economics
December 1 "Reverse Survivorship Bias" Juhani Linnainmaa, Chicago Booth
December 8 "Are Consumers Affected by Durable Goods Markers' Financial Distress? The Case of Auto Manufacturers" Gregor Matvos, Chicago Booth


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