Finance Lunch Workshop

For information concerning the Finance Lunch, please contact Jennifer Williams at 773.702.5530.

Schedule: Wednesday seminars will be held from 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. in Harper Center Room 02 unless otherwise noted.


Spring Quarter 2018

Wednesday, March 28 NO MEETING  
Wednesday, April 4 Option Implied Spreads Pietro Veronesi, Chicago Booth
Wednesday, April 11 The Effects of Mandatory Transparency in Financial Market Design: Evidence from the Corporate Bond Market Thomas Covert, Chicago Booth
Wednesday, April 18 Fueling a Frenzy: Private Label Securitization and the Housing Cycle of 2000 to 2010 Amir Sufi, Chicago Booth
Wednesday, April 25 The Real Effects of Fed Intervention: Revisiting the 1920-1921 Depression Bruce Carlin, UCLA and Chicago Booth
Wednesday, May 2 NO MEETING  
Wednesday, May 9 NO MEETING  
Wednesday, May 16 Tokenomics: Dynamic Adoption and Valuation Lin William Cong, Chicago Booth
Wednesday, May 23 TBA Benjamin Keys, Wharton
Wednesday, May 30 Do Fiscal Incentives increase innovation? An RD Design for R&D John van Reenen, MIT
Wednesday, June 6 Foreign Safe Asset Demand for U.S. Treasurys and the Dollar Hanno Lustig, Stanford GSB

Winter Quarter 2018

Wednesday, January 3
Time: 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m.
The Dollar, Bank Leverage, and the Deviations from Covered Interest Parity Wenxin Du, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
Wednesday, January 10
Time: 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m.
Low Interest Rates and Risk Taking: Evidence from Individual Investment Decisions Yueran Ma, Harvard
Wednesday, January 17
Time: 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m.
Restrictions on Asset-Price Movements Under Rational Expectations: Theory and Evidence Eben Lazarus, Harvard University
MONDAY, January 22
Time: 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m.
Disentangling the Effects of a Banking Crisis: Evidence from German Firms and Counties Kilian Huber, London School of Economcis
Wednesday, Janaury 24
Time: 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m.
Intermediation in the Interbank Lending Market Yiming Ma, Stanford Business
Wednesday, January 31
Time: 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m.
Peer Financial Distress and Individual Leverage: Evidence from 30 Million Individuals Ankit Kalda, Washington University in St. Louis
THURSDAY, February 1
Time: 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m.
The Mismatch between Mutual Fund Scale and Skill Yang Song, Stanford Business
Wednesday, February 7
Time: 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m.
Time Variation of the Equity Term Structure Niels Gormsen, Copenhagen Business School
Wednesday, February 14
Time: 11:45a.m.-1:15p.m.
Private Information and Price Regulation in the US Credit Card Market Scott Nelson, MIT Economics
Wednesday, February 21 NO SEMINAR  
Wednesday, February 28 NO SEMINAR  
Wednesday, March 7 NO SEMINAR  

Autumn Quarter 2017

Wednesday, September 20
Time 11:45 am to 1:15 pm
"Rigid factor prices and output losses: evidence from Italian firms” Simone Lenzu, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago
Wednesday, September 27
Time 11:45 am to 1:15 pm
"External Debt, Currency Risk, and International Monetary Policy" Ursula Wiriadinata, PhD Candidate, Chicago Booth
Thursday, September 28
Time 11:45 am to 1:15 pm ROOM 04
"Estimating Bank Interconnectedness from Market Data" Willem van Vliet, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago
Wednesday, October 4 NO SEMINAR  
Thursday, October 5
Time 11:45 am to 1:15 pm ROOM 05
"Interbank Runs: A Network Model of Systemic Liquidity Crunches" Yinan Su, PhD Candidate, University of Chicago
Wednesday, October 11 "The End of the 'Modern Corporation': Deregulation and Ownership of Electric Utilities" Patrick Bolton, Graduate School of Business/Dept of Economics, Columbia University
Thursday, October 12 NO SEMINAR  
Wednesday, October 18
Time 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm ROOM 25
"Decreasing Returns to Competitor Scale" Laszlo Jakab, PhD Candidate, Chicago Booth
Wednesday, October 25 "Capitalists in the Twenty-First Century" Erik Zwick, Chicago Booth
Wednesday, November 1 "Blockchain Disruption and Smart Contract" Zhiguo He, Chicago Booth
Wednesday, November 8 NO SEMINAR  
Wednesday, November 15 NO SEMINAR  
Wednesday, November 22 NO SEMINAR  
Wednesday,November 29 "International Currencies and Capital Allocation" Matteo Maggiori, Harvard University
Wednesday,December 6 "Do Investors Value Sustainability? A Natural Experiment Examining Ranking and Fund Flows" Samuel Hartzmark, Chicago Booth


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