Macroeconomics and International Economics Workshop


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Monday, 11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m., unless otherwise noted


Harper Center C10, unless otherwise noted

Note: Please refer to the weekly announcement for up-to-date room or time changes. Papers and titles will be posted to the website as they become available.

Spring 2016

Date Room Topic
Speaker, Institution
March 28
HC C10
Long-Term Care Utility and Late in Life Saving Matthew Shapiro, University of Michigan
April 4
HC C10
The Elusive Costs of Inflation: Price Dispersion during the U.S. Great Inflation Jón Steinsson, Columbia
April 11
HC C10
Risk Premia at the ZLB: A Macroeconomic Interpretation Francois Gourio, Chicago Federal Reserve
April 18
HC C10
The Limited Macroeconomic Effects of Unemployment Benefit Extensions Gabriel Chodorow-Reich, Harvard
April 25
HC C10
The Macroeconomic Effects of Fiscal Adjustment Plans: Disaggregating Taxes and Spending Francesco Giavazzi, Bocconi
May 2
HC C10
Commuting, Migration and Local Employment Elasticities Stephen Redding, Princeton
May 9
HC C10
Cheap Workers and Local Industrialization - Evidence from Germany’s Post-War Population Transfer Michael Peters, Yale
May 16
HC C10
Trade Liberalization and Mortality: Evidence from U.S. Counties Peter Schott, Yale
May 23
HC C10
Living "American Dream" in Finland:
The Social Mobility of Inventors
Philippe Aghion, Harvard
June 6
HC C10
Household Leverage and the Recession Virgiliu Midrigan, New York University


Winter 2016

Date Room Topic
Speaker, Institution
January 11
HC C10, 10:30-12:00
What Lower Bound? Monetary Policy with Negative Interest Rates Matthew Rognlie, MIT
January 12
HC C10, 11:45-1:15
The Role of Trade Costs in the Surge of Trade Imbalances Ricardo Reyes-Heroles, Princeton
January 14
HC 3A, 10:30-12:00
Firm-to-firm Trade in Sticky Production Networks Kevin Lim, Princeton
January 19
HC C10, 11:45-1:15
Unemployment Insurance in Macroeconomic Stabilization Rohan Kekre, Harvard
January 21
HC 3A, 10:30-12:00
Worker Heterogeneity, Wage Inequality, and International Trade: Theory and Evidence from Brazil Rodrigo Adao, MIT
January 25
HC C10, 10:30-12:00
The Risk Channel of Unconventional Monetary Policy Dejanir Silva, MIT
January 28
HC 3A, 10:30-12:00
Population Aging and the Transmission of Monetary Policy to Consumption Arlene Wong, Northwestern
February 8
HC C10
What Legal Authority Does the Fed Need During a Financial Crisis? Eric Posner, University of Chicago Law School
February 15
HC C10
Household Debt and Business Cycles Worldwide Amir Sufi, Chicago Booth
February 22
HC C10
House Prices and Consumer Spending Joseph Vavra, Chicago Booth
February 29
HC C10
How Segregated is Urban Consumption? Jonathan Dingel, Chicago Booth
March 7
HC C10
Dynamic Analysis at CBO Wendy Edelberg, Congressional Budget Office
March 14
HC C10
A Model of the International Monetary System Matteo Maggiori, Harvard


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