Macroecomomics and International Economics Workshop


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Monday, 11:45a.m.-1:15 p.m.


Harper Center C10

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Autumn 2011

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
September 26
"Competition, markups, and the gains from international trade"
Virgiliu Midrigan, NYU/Minneapolis Fed
October 3 "Aggregate Implications of a Credit Crunch" Francisco Buera, UCLA
October 10 "Germs, Social Networks and Growth" Alessandra Fogli, University of Minnesota
October 17 "Decentralization, Communication,
and the Origins of Fluctuations"
Marios Angeletos, MIT- IGM visitor
October 24 "Trade Dynamics in the Market for Federal Funds"
Ricardo Lagos, New York University
October 31 "An Elementary Theory of Global Supply Chains" Jon Vogel, Columbia- IGM visitor
November 7 "Feedback Effects of Credit Ratings" Gustavo Manso, MIT Sloan
November 14 "A Model of the Consumption Response to Fiscal Stimulus Payments" Gianluca Violante, New York University
November 21 "Organizing the Global Value Chain" Pol Antrãs, Harvard University
November 28 "Identifying Neutral Technology Shocks in Models with Heterogeneous Factors" Iourii Manovskii, University of Pennsylvania
December 5 "Liquidity Hoarding" Doug Gale, New York University

Spring 2011

Date Topic Speaker
March 28
"Establishment Heterogeneity, Exporter Dynamics, and the Effects of Trade Liberalization"
George Alessandria, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
April 4 "Fiscal Stimulus in a Monetary Union: Evidence from U.S. Regions" Jon Steinsson, Columbia University, visiting Chicago Booth
April 11 "Credit Crises, Precautionary Savings and the Liquidity Trap" Veronica Guerrieri, Chicago Booth
April 18 "International Recessions" Fabrizio Perri, University of Minnesota
April 25 "Export Destinations and Input Prices" Eric Verhoogen, Columbia University
May 2 "Optimal Design of Trade Agreements in the
Presence of Renegotiation"
Giovanni Maggi, Yale University
May 9 "Labor Market Rigidities, Trade and Unemployment Trade and Labor Market Outcomes" Oleg Itskhoki, Princeton University, IGM visitor
May 16 "Mafia and Public Spending:Evidence on the Fiscal Multiplier from a Quasi-experiment" Giancarlo Corsetti, University of Cambridge
May 23 "Trade Adjustment and Productivity in Large Crises" Brent Neiman, Chicago Booth
June 6 "A Theory of Optimal Capital Controls" Guido Lorenzoni, MIT - visiting Chicago Booth

Winter 2011

Date Topic Speaker
January 11   Daniel Shoag, Harvard University
January 20 "An Engel Curve for Variety" Nicholas Li, U.C. Berkeley
January 2l "Overborrowing and Systemic Externalities in the Business Cycle" Javier Bianchi, University of Maryland
January 24 "The Union Threat" Mathiew Taschereau-Dumouchel, Princeton University
January 25 "Life Cycle Earnings and Saving in a Fast-Growing Economy " Zheng (Michael) Song, Chinese University of Hong King
January 27 "Uncertainty, Productivity and Unemployment in the Great Recession" Edouard Schaal, Princeton University
January 28 "Heterogeneous Information and the Labor Market" Vaidyanathan Venkateswaran, UCLA
January 31 "The Effectiveness of Alternative Monetary Policy Tools in a Zero Lower Bound Environment" Jing (Cynthia) Wu, University of California, San Diego
February 3 "Screening, Lending Intensity, and the Aggregate Response to a Bank Tax" Kinda Hachem, Toronto
February 7 "Optimal Taxation of Entrepreneurial Income: A Mirrleesian Approach to Capital Accumulation" Ali Shourideh, Minnesota
February 14 "Labor Market Flows in the Cross Section and Over Time" Steve Davis, Chicago Booth
February 21 "Stressed Out: Macroprudential Principles for Stress" Anil Kashyap, Chicago Booth
February 28 "Counter-cyclical Currency Risk Premia" Hanno Lustig, UCLA
March 14 "Mobilizing Social Capital Through Employee Spinoffs:  Evidence from Brazil " James Rauch, UCSD

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