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Monday, 11:45a.m.-1:15 p.m.


Harper Center C10

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Autumn 2010

Date Topic Speaker
September 21 "Cost of Time versus Money: A Mental Accounting View of Satisfaction Tracking Costs of Time and Money: How Accounting Periods Affect Mental Accounting" Robin Soster, University of South Carolina
September 28 "Green Technology Adoption: An Empirical Study of the Southern California Garment Cleaning Industry" Bryan Bollinger, Stanford University
October. 5 "Price as a Cue for Quality: Cue-Outcome Learning under Homo- and Heteroscedastic Uncertainty" Bart de Langhe, Erasmus University
October 12 "Complicating Choice" Rom Schrift, Columbia University
October 19 NO SEMINAR  
October 26 "Opportunity Cost Consideration" Stephen Spiller, Duke University
November 2 "The impact of search costs on consumer behavior: a dynamic approach" Stephan Seiler, LSE
November 9 "Network E¤ects in Alternative Fuel Adoption: Empirical Analysis of the Market for Ethanol" Scott Shriver, Stanford University
November 16 "Resource Abundance and Conservation in Consumption" Meng Zhu, Carnegie Mellon University

Spring 2010

Date Topic Speaker
March 29 "Why Do People Express Minority Opinions?" Christian Wheeler, Stanford
April 5 "Anticipatory Time Perception and Intertemporal Preferences" Gal Zauberman, Wharton
April 12 "Revisiting the Bass Model of Diffusion for Aggregate Sales: Can Both Market Potential and Heterogeneity Be Identified?" Abel Jeuland, Chicago Booth
April 19 "An Obligation to Work or an Opportunity to Have Fun? The Influence of Task Construal and Task Completion on Regulatory Behavior" Chris Janiszewski, Warrington, Univ. of Florida
April 26 "Spurious? Name Similarity Effects (Implicit Egotism) in Marriage and Moving Decisions" Uri Simonsohn, Wharton
May 10 ** Selection on "Moral Hazard in Health Insurance" with Amy Finkelstein, Stephen Ryan, Paul Schrimpf & Mark Cullen

** PLEASE NOTE: title change of paper

Liran Einav, Stanford
May 17 "Disclosing Multiple Product Attributes" Monic Sun, Stanford
May 24 "Do Bonuses Enhance Sales Productivity? A Dynamic Structural Analysis of Bonus-Based Compensation Plans with Doug Chung & Thomas Steenburgh" K. Sudhir, Yale
May 31


***PLEASE NOTE: Workshop has been cancelled!



Winter 2010

Date Topic Speaker
January 11 Paper 1: "The Difficulties in Fitting Store Choice Models"
Paper 2: "Why Go Organic? Understanding Organic Milk Purchase Behavior Using Panel Data"
Paper 3: "When Fear is Human: Interpersonal Trust and the Effect of Anthropomorphizing Disease on Health Persuasion"
William Cha, Bomee Park,
Maferima Tillery, Marketing Ph.D. Students, Chicago Booth
January 18 "Interplay of Wanting and Liking: The Coupling and Decoupling of Desire and Desirability" Baba Shiv, Stanford
January 25 "Pragmatic Persuasion: If They Advertise It, It Must Be Good" Michaela Wanke, University of Basel
February 1 "Product Customization Decisions" Jonathan Levav, Columbia
February 15 "Seeds of Negativity: Knowledge and Money" Mitch Lovett, Simon
February 22 "A Dynamic Quality Ladder Model With Entry and Exit: Exploring the Equilibrium Correspondence Using the Homotopy Method" Ron Borkovsky, University of Toronto, Rotman
March 1 "Measuring the Effect of Peer Influence on Attribute Preferences" Vishal Narayan, Cornell
March 8 "When Do Consumers Bolster Their Preferences in the Face of a Social Identity Threat? The Role of Self-Constual and the Activation of Multiple Social Identities" Jennifer Argo, University of Alberta

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