Marketing Workshop


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Monday, 11:45a.m.-1:15 p.m.


Harper Center C10

Please refer to the weekly announcement for up to date room or time changes.

Autumn 2011

Date Topic Speaker
September 27 "Online Content Pricing: Purchase and Rental Markets" Anita Rao, Stanford University
October 3 11:45-1:05, Room 3A "A Satisficing Choice Model" Peter Stüttgen, Carnegie Mellon University
October 6 11:45-1:05, Room 3B "Optimal Targeting of Television Advertisements" Michael Peress, University of Rochester
October 11 "Pricing and Quality Provision in a Channel:  A Model of Efficient Relational Contracts" Cristina Nistor, MIT
October 25 "Matching Markets in Online Advertising Networks: The Tao of Taobao and the Sense of AdSense" Chunhua Wu, Washington Univ. St. Louis
November 8
"Making malleability predictable:  Tree models of consumer judgment and choice" Ulf Bockenholt, Northwestern University
November 15 "Short-term gains, long-term pains: How cues about state aid learning
in dynamic environments"
Todd Gureckis,
New York University

Spring 2011

Date Topic Speaker
March 29 "Neural Mechanisms underlying Strategic Learning" Ming Hsu, University of California, Berkeley
April 12 CANCELLED - NO WORKSHOP on 4/12 but MOVED to Firday, MAY 13. Chris Conlon, Columbia University
April 19 "The Emotional Basis of Preference Consistency In Search of Homo Economicus: Cognitive Noise and the Role of Emotion in Preference
Leonard Lee, Columbia University
April 26 "Demand Dynamics in the Seasonal Goods Industry: An Empirical Analysis" Gonca Soysal, University of Texas at Dallas
May 3   Ph.D. STUDENTS presentation
May 10 "Is Comparative Advertising an Active Ingredient in
the Pain Relief Market?
Jura Liaukonyte, Cornell University
May 13
Room C07
"A Dynamic Model of Costs and Margins in the LCD TV Industry" Chris Conlon, Columbia University
May 16
"Slacking in the Middle: Relaxing Standards in the Course of Goal Pursuit Consumer Response to the Recent US Recession" Maferima Touré-Tillery William Cha
May 17 "Effects of Product Availability: Experimental Evidence" Julie Mortimer, Harvard University
May 24 TBA Stijn Van Osselaer, Erasmus University Rotterdam
May 31 "Brand Extensions and the Consumer Decision Context:
Pictures and Comparisons Shift Consumers’ Focus from Fit to Quality
Kelly Goldsmith, Northwestern University

Winter 2011

Date Topic Speaker
January 11 "Does a Crowded Store Lead to a Crowded Mind? Physical Crowdedness and Mental Construal of Product Features" Robin Tanner, Wisconsin
January 14 "Competition and Quality Choice in the CPU Market" Chris Nosko, Harvard University
January 18 "Neural correlates of reward-related self-deception" Drazen Prelec, MIT
January 21 "Insurer Pricing and Consumer Welfare: Evidence from Medigap" Amanda Starc, Harvard University
January 25   PhD presentations
January 28
"Efficient Provision of Experience Goods: Evidence from Antidepressant Choice" Michael Dickstein, Harvard University
February 1   Faculty Meeting
February 8 "Intertemporal Price Discrimination with Stochastic Values"
Rahul Deb, Toronto University
February 15 "Abstract" Jason Duan, The University of Texas at Austin
February 22 "The Scaffolded Mind: How Physical Experiences Shape Judgment and Decision-Making" (2 papers) 2nd paper Lawrence Williams, University of Colorado at Boulder
March 1 "Intuitive Biases in Choice versus Estimation: Implications for the Wisdom of Crowds" Joe Simmons, Yale University
March 8 "Competitive Strategy for Open Source Software" Kannan Srinivasan, CMU

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