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Nina Linchenko (nina.linchenko@chicagobooth.edu)

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Thursdays, 12:15-1:15 PM (unless otherwise stated)


Harper Center - C07 (unless otherwise stated)

Please refer to the weekly announcement for updates and time changes.

Spring 2017

Date Room Topic
Speaker, Institution
March 30
HC C07
The Costs of Corporate Tax Complexity Eric Zwick, Booth School of Business
April 6
HC C07
Scalable Price Targeting Jean Pierre Dube and Sanjog Misra, Booth School of Business
April 13
HC C07
Michelson-Morley, Occam and Fisher: The Radical Implications of Stable Inflation at Near-Zero Interest Rates John Cochrane, Booth School of Business
April 20
HC C07
Who is Screened Out? Application Costs and the Targeting of Disability Programs Manasi Deshpande, University of Chicago
April 27
HC C07
Capitalists in the Twenty-First Century Owen Zidar and Eric Zwick, Booth School of Business
May 18
HC C07
Do Conflict of Interests Disclosures Work? Evidence from Citations in Medical Journals Christian Leuz, Booth School of Business
May 25
HC C07
Coming apart? Lives of the rich and the poor over time Marianne Bertrand and Emir Kamenica, Booth School of Business
June 1
HC C07
Effects of Regulatory Capture: Evidence from Patent Examiners Thomas Wollmann, Booth School of Business
June 8
HC C07
Incentive design for disease management: The role of time preferences Rebecca Dizon-Ross, Booth School of Business

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