Microecomomics Workshop


Karen Pinc (karen.pinc@ChicagoBooth.edu)


Tuesday, 12:15p.m.-1:15 p.m.


Harper Center C07

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Autumn 2010

Date Topic Speaker
September 28 "Heuristic Thinking and Limited Attention in the Car Market" Devin Pope, Chicago Booth
October 5 "Mental Accounting and Consumer Choice: Evidence from Commodity Price Shocks" Jesse Shapiro and Justine Hastings, Chicago Booth
October 12 "Capital-Market Effects of Securities Regulation: The Role of Implementation and Enforcement" Christian Leuz, Chicago Booth
October 19 "The Role of Emergency Contraception in Sexual Behavior, Pregnancy, and Marriage" Andrew Zuppann, University of Chicago
October 26 “Is It Whom You Know or What You Know? An Empirical Assessment of the Lobbying Process” Marianne Bertrand, Chicago Booth
November 2 "How do Economies Respond to Capital Shocks? Evidence from Natural Disasters" Tobias Moskowitz (with Ali Hortacsu and Laszlo Jakab), Chicago Booth
November 9 "Advertising and Competition in Privatized Social Security: The Case of Mexico" Chad Syverson, Chicago Booth
November 16 "Should Unemployment Insurance Vary with the Local Unemployment Rate?  Theory and Evidence"  Matt Notowidigdo, Chicago Booth (joint work with Kory Kroft, Yale SOM)
November 23 "Teams, Hierarchies, and Innovation" Karen Bernhardt-Walther Ph.D Student, Chicago Booth
November 30 "Competition in Persuasion" Matt Gentzkow, with Emir Kamenica, Chicago Booth
December 7 "Limited Life Expectancy, Human Capital and Health Investments: Evidence from Huntington's Disease" Emily Oster, Chicago Booth

Spring 2010

Date Topic Speaker
March 30 "Securitization and Distressed Loan Renegotiation: Evidence from the Subprime Mortgage Crisis" Amit Seru, Chicago Booth
April 6 No Meeting  
April 13 "A Global View of Productivity Growth in China and India" Ralph Ossa, Chicago Booth
April 20 "Panic! Social Learning and the Response to SARS inTaiwan" (with Chun-Fan Chiang, National Taiwan University and Anup Malani, University of Chicago)
Daniel Bennett, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
April 27 "HIV, Wages, and Labor Productivity" (with Jane Fortson,Mathematica Policy Research) Ioana Marinescu, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
May 4 No Meeting  
May 11 All Faculty Meeting  
May 18 "Feminization of International Migration and the Children Left Behind: Evidence from The Philippines" Patricia Cortes, Chicago Booth
May 25 "The Declining Quality of Household Survey Data" Bruce Meyer, University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy
June 1 "Disclosure and the Cost of Capital: Evidence from Firms' Responses to the Enron Shock" Christian Leuz, Chicago Booth
June 8 No Meeting  
June 15 "The Multi-Unit Assignment Problem: Theory and Evidence from Course Allocation at Harvard"
Eric Budish, Chicago Booth

Winter 2010

Date Topic Speaker
February 9 "Do Pharmacists Buy Bayer? Sophisticated Shoppers and the Brand Premium" (with Bart Bronnenberg, JP Dube and Matthew Gentzkow) Jesse Shapiro, Chicago Booth
February 23 "Beliefs and Preferences in Strategic Interactions: Experimental Evidence" Yesim Ohrun, Chicago Booth
March 2 "Self-Selection and International Migration: New Evidence from Mexico" Ofer Malamud, Harris School of Public Policy Studies
March 9 "Do Call Centers Increase School Enrollment? Evidence from India" Emily Oster, Chicago Booth
March 16 "The Structure and Dynamics of the U.S. Inter-firm Network" Ali Hortacsu, University of Chicago Dept. of Economics & Chad Syverson, Chicago Booth

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