Microeconomics Workshop


Molly Clear (Molly.Clear@ChicagoBooth.edu)


Tuesday, 12:15 p.m. - 1:15 p.m.


Harper Center C07

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Autumn 2013

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
Oct 1
Not Scheduled
Oct 8 "Entry into Electoral Races and the Quality of Representation" Philipp Manuel Tillmann, UOC, Dept of Economics
Oct 15 "Acquisitions, Productivity, and Profitability: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry" Chad Syverson, Chicago Booth
Oct 22 "Are Some Degrees Worth More Than Others? Evidence from College Admission Cutoffs in Chile" Justine Hastings, Brown University
Oct 29 "Product Design in Selection Markets" E. Glen Weyl, UOC, Dept. of Economics
Nov 5 "Sources of Regional Variation in Health Care: Evidence from Migration," joint with Amy Finkelstein and Heidi Williams Matthew Gentzkow, Chicago Booth
Nov 12 "Public Liabilities and Health Care Policy" Tomas Philipson, UOC, Harris School of Public Policy
Nov 19 "Patronage Networks and the Balance of Power in Egypt's Arab Spring" with Daron Acemoglu and Ahmed Tahoun Tarek Hassan, Chicago Booth
Nov 26 "Prenuptial Contracts, Labor Supply and Household Investments" joint with Denrick Bayot of UOC, Dept. of Economics Alessandra Voena, UOC, Dept. of Economics
Dec 3 "The Effects of Price Transparency Regulation on Prices in the Healthcare Industry" joint with Eric Floyd and Mark Maffett of Chicago Booth Hans Christensen, Chicago Booth
Dec 10 "Regulating Consumer Financial Products: Evidence from Credit Cards" joint with Sumit Agarwal (National Universtiy of Singapore), Souphala Chomsisengphet (US Dept of Treasury, Office of the Comptroller of Currency), and Johannes Stroebel (New York University) Neale Mahoney, Chicago Booth
Dec 17 The Effects of Wealth on Individual and Household Labor Supply: Evidence from Swedish Lotteries" joint with David Cesarini (NYU), Erik Lindqvist (SSE), and Robert Ostling (IIES) Matthew Notowidigdo, Chicago Booth

Summer 2013

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
July 30
"On the Limits of Expert Credibility: Theory and an Application to Climate Change"
Jesse Shapiro, Chicago Booth

Spring 2013

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
April 9 "The Policy Elasticity" Nathan Hendren, Harvard
April 16 "The High-Frequency Trading Arms Race: Frequent Batch Auctions as a Market Design Response" Eric Budish (with Peter Cramton and John Shim), Chicago Booth
April 23 "The Market for High-Quality Medicine" Dan Bennett, UOC Harris School of Public Policy
April 30 "Bid Takers or Market Makers? The Effect of Auctioneers on Auction Outcomes" Devin Pope, Chicago Booth
May 7 No Seminar N/A
May 14 "Public Health Insurance Spillovers" Matthew Notowidigdo, Chicago Booth
May 21 Booth Faculty Meeting N/A
May 28 "Advertising Competition in Presidential Elections" Brett Gordon, Chicago Booth
June 4 "Up from Poverty? The 1832 Cherokee Land Lottery and the Long-run Distribution of Wealth" Hoyt Bleakley, Chicago Booth
June 11 "Multitasking, Learning and Incentives: A Cautionary Tale" (joint w/ Roland Fryer" IGM visitor (Richard Holden, Australian School of Business)

Winter 2013

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
January 14 "Social Insurance and the Marriage Market" Petra Persson, Columbia
January 16 "The Efficiency of Dynamic, Post-Auction Bargaining:
Evidence from Wholesale Used-Auto Auctions"
Bradley Larson, MIT
January 23 "An Empirical Model of the Medical Match" Nikhil Agarwal, Harvard
January 28 "The Determinants and Welfare Implications of US Workers’ Diverging Location Choices by Skill: 1980-2000" Rebecca Diamond, Harvard
January 30 "A Network Approach to Public Goods" Benjamin Golub, Stanford GSB
March 19 "Marketing and the Economics of Convenience" Bart Bronnenberg, Tilberg

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