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Thursdays 12:15-1:15pm unless otherwise stated


Harper Center - C07 unless otherwise stated

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Autumn 2015

Date Room Topic
Speaker, Institution
October 1
HC C07
A Rothschild-Stiglitz Approach to Bayesian Persuasion Emir Kamenica, Chicago Booth
October 8
HC C07
Do Banks Pass Through Credit Expansions to Consumers Who Want to Borrow? Neale Mahoney, Chicago Booth
October 15
HC C07
The Impact of Money on Science: Evidence from Unexpected NCAA Football Outcomes Tom Wollmann, Chicago Booth
October 22
HC C07
Rising Inequality and Human Capital Attainment Carolyn Sloane, Harris School of Public Policy
October 29
HC C07
Selecting Applicants Alex Frankel, Chicago Booth
November 5
HC C07
Dynamic Coordination and Intervention Policy Will Cong, Chicago Booth
November 19
HC C07
Allocating Effort and Talent in Professional Labor Markets Derek Neal, University of Chicago Department of Economics
December 3
HC C07
Imperfect Markets versus Imperfect Regulation in U.S. Electricity Generation Steve Cicala, Harris School of Public Policy

Spring 2015

Date Room Topic
Speaker, Institution
March 31
HC C07
Testing a New Market Design when Preferences are Complex: Changing the Course Allocation Mechanism at Wharton Eric Budish, Chicago Booth
April 7
HC C07
The Effect of Child Support Laws on Marital Formation Daniel Tannenbaum, University of Chicago Department of Economics
April 14
HC C07
Nonlinear Pricing with Average-Price Bias Lars Stole, Chicago Booth
April 21
HC C07
Speech and Wages Jeff Grogger, Harris School of Public Policy
May 5
HC C07
Labor Laws and Firm Dynamics in India Marianne Bertrand, Chicago Booth
May 12
HC C07
Buy, Keep or Sell: Economic Growth and the Market for Ideas Ufuk Akcigit, University of Pennsylvania; The Becker Friedman Institute
May 19
HC C07
Lost and Found: Measuring Civic Capital in Nation-wide Field Experiments Alain Cohn, Chicago Booth
May 26
HC C07
State Taxes and Spatial Misallocation Owen Zidar, Chicago Booth
June 2
HC C07
Migrants, Trade, and Investment Tarek Hassan, Chicago Booth

Winter 2015

Date   Speaker/Topic Institution
January 13
HC C07
Heidi Williams, "How Do Patents Affect Follow-on Innovation? Evidence from the Human Genome." MIT Department of Economics
January 14
Katherine Meckel, "Is the Cure Worse than the Disease? Unintended Consequences of Fraud Reduction in Transfer Programs." Columbia University
January 16
HC C09
Nemanja Antic, "Contracting with Unknown Technologies." Princeton University
January 21
Rebecca Dizon-Ross, "Parents' Perceptions and Children's Education: Experimental Evidence from Malawi." Stanford University
January 23
HC C09
Attila Lindner, "Who Pays for the Minimum Wage?" UC Berkeley
January 26
HC C10
Reka Juhasz, "Temporary Protection and Technology Adoption: Evidence from the Napoleonic Blockade." London School of Economics
January 27
HC C07
Roland Benabou, "Forbidden Fruits: The Political Economy of Science, Religion, and Growth." click here and here for paper links Princeton University
January 28
Mark Shepard, "Hospital Network Competition and Adverse Selection: Evidence from the Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange." Harvard University
January 30
HC C09
Tarek Ghani, "Competing for Relationships: Markets and Informal Institutions in Sierra Leone." UC Berkeley
February 3
HC C07
Manasi Deshpande, "Does Welfare Inhibit Success? The Long-Term Effects of Removing Low-Income Youth from Disability Insurance." MIT
February 4
Frank Schilbach, "Alcohol and Self-Control: A Field Experiment in India." Harvard University
February 6
Mohammad Akbarpour, "Dynamic Matching Market Design."
Stanford University
February 9
Itzik Fadlon, "Household Responses to Severe Health Shocks and the Design of Social Insurance." Harvard University
February 11
Daniel Gross, "Creativity Under Fire: The Effects of Competition on Innovation and the Creative Process." UC Berkeley
February 12
HC C03

Thomas Wollman,"Trucks without Bailouts: Equilibrium Product Characteristics for Commercial Vehicles."

Harvard University
March 3
HC C07
Xavier Gabaix, "Optimal Taxation with Behavioral Agents." NYU Stern


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