Operations/Management Science Workshop


Johannes de Nova (johannes.denova@chicagobooth.edu)


Tuesday, 12:10 p.m.-1:10 p.m.


Harper Center HC3B

Please refer to the weekly announcement for up-to-date room or time changes.

Autumn Quarter 2018

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
Tuesday, September 25 Three Operations Management Problems in CriminologyLawrence Wein, Stanford University
Tuesday, October 2 On the regret of dynamic and stochastic knapsack problemsAlessandro Arlotto, Duke University
Tuesday, October 9 Sustaining Smallholders and Rainforests by Eliminating Payment Delay in a Commodity Supply Chain—It Takes a VillageDan Iancu, Stanford University
Tuesday, October 16 Optimal worst-case pricing for a logit demand model with network effects William Cooper, University of Minnesota
Tuesday, October 23 Persuading Customers to Buy Early: The Value of Personalized Information ProvisioningKimon Drakopoulos, University of Southern California
Tuesday, October 30 Non-Stationary Streaming Principal Component Analysis, Variance-Aware Optimal Power Flow, and Stochastic Defense Against Complex Grid Attacks Daniel Bienstock, Columbia University
Tuesday, November 6 No Meeting No Meeting
Tuesday, November 13 A Queueing Model and Analysis for Autonomous Vehicles on HighwaysSoo-Haeng Cho, Carnegie Mellon University
Tuesday, November 20 No Meeting No Meeting
Tuesday, November 27 Prophet inequalities and posted price mechanismsJose Correa, University of Chile
Tuesday, December 4 Discounted Regret Minimization and Expert SelectionVijay Kamble, University of Illinois at Chicago
Tuesday, December 11 No Meeting No Meeting

Spring Quarter 2018

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
Tuesday, March 27 On the Hardness of Inventory Management with Censored Demand Data Mihalis Markakis, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Tuesday, April 3 (1:30 p.m. -2:30 p.m.) The estimation problem of dynamic pricingKalyan Talluri, Imperial College London
Tuesday, April 10 A New Approach in Approximate Dynamic Programming for Revenue Management of Reusable ProductsPaat Rusmevichientong, USC Marshall
Tuesday, April 17 No Meeting No Meeting
Tuesday, April 24 A Theory of ICOs: Diversification, Agency, and Information AsymmetryJiri Chod, Boston College
Tuesday, May 1 Leasing, Modularity, and the Circular Economy Atalay Atasu, Georgia Institute of Technology
Tuesday, May 8 RFQ, Sequencing, and the Most Favorable Bargaining Outcome Leon Zhu, USC Marshall
Tuesday, May 15 Adaptive Sequential Learning with Applications to Crowdsourcing Xi Chen, NYU Stern
Tuesday, May 22 The Scope of Sequential Screening with Ex-Post Participation ConstraintsGabriel Weintraub, Stanford University
Tuesday, May 29 How Observed Queue Length and Service Times Drive Queue Behavior in the Lab Zeynep Karaesman, Koc University
Tuesday, June 5 Reinforcement with Fading MemoriesKuang Xu, Stanford University

Winter Quarter 2018

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
Tuesday, January 9 Will Ma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Ph.D. candidate
Tuesday, January 16
Ali Makhdoumi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Tuesday, January 23
Screening for Breast Cancer: The Role of Supplemental Tests and Breast Density Information
Burhaneddin Sandikci, Chicago Booth
Tuesday, January 30 Dynamic Matching in School Choice: Efficient Seat Reallocation After Late Cancellations Irene Lo, Columbia University
Tuesday, February 6 Pricing and Optimization in Shared Vehicle Systems: An Approximation Framework
Daniel Freund, Cornell University
Tuesday, February 20 Operational Risk Management: Preventive vs. Corrective Control Yuqian Xu, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tuesday, February 27 Two Vignettes from the Interface of Learning and Optimization Jiaming Xu, Purdue University
Tuesday, March 6 Strategic Consumers, Revenue Management, and the
Design of Loyalty Programs
So Yeon Chun, Georgetown University

Autumn Quarter 2017

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
Tuesday, September 26 Katya Scheinberg, Lehigh University
Tuesday, October 3 Juan Pablo Vielma, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Tuesday, October 10 Real-time Dynamic Pricing and Its Applications to Ecommerce Retailing Stefanus Jasin, University of Michigan
Tuesday, October 17 Yardstick Competition for Service Systems Tolga Tezcan, London Business School
Tuesday, October 24 INFORMS None
Tuesday, October 31 Models and Algorithms for the Operation and Design of Bike-sharing Systems David Shmoys, Cornell University
Tuesday, November 7 Models and algorithms for delivering emergency medical services Laura Albert, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tuesday, November 14 (1:20-2:30 p.m.) Queueing and Markov Chain Decomposition (QMCD), the Single Stage Subsystems Case: Motivation and Examples Opher Baron, University of Toronto
Tuesday, November 21 Concise Bidding: a Simple Bidding Tool for Advertisers with Multiple Budget Constraints Arash Asadpour, New York University
Tuesday, November 28 Stochastic First-Order Methods in Data Analysis and Reinforcement Learning Mengdi Wang, Princeton University
Tuesday, December 5 Selling Co-products through a Distributor: The Impact on Product Line Design Brian Tomlin, Dartmouth College

Spring Quarter 2017

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
Tuesday, March 28 Nick Arnosti, Columbia University
Tuesday, April 4 Brendan Lucier, Microsoft Research
Tuesday, April 11 Platforms & Networked Markets Adam Wierman, California Institute of Technology
Tuesday, April 18 No Meeting None
Tuesday, April 25 Flexible Workers or Full-Time Employees? On Staffing Systems with a Blended Workforce Rouba Ibrahim, University College London
Tuesday, May 2 A Behavioral Perspective on Inventory Sharing Enno Siemsen, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Tuesday, May 9 Facilitating the search for partners on matching platforms: Restricting agent actions Yash Kanoria, Columbia University
Tuesday, May 16 Feature-based Dynamic Pricing Ilan Lobel, New York University
Tuesday, May 23 Large Scale Queueing Systems. Heavy Traffic Asymptotics and Insights. David Gamarnik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Tuesday, May 30 On Fragmented Markets Rakesh Vohra, University of Pennsylvania
Tuesday, June 6 No Meeting None

Winter Quarter 2017

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
Tuesday, January 3 Hamsa Bastani, Stanford University
Tuesday, January 10
Anton Braverman, Cornell University
Tuesday, January 17
Revenue Management in Face of Choice Heterogeneity (Presentation Abstract) (Paper 1) (Paper 2)
Ali Aouad, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Thursday, January 24 Capacity Constrained Assortment Optimization under the Markov Chain based Choice Model Antoine Desir, Columbia University
Tuesday, January 31
Swati Gupta, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Tuesday, February 7
No Meeting
Monday, February 13 Linwei Xin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
February 14
Xin Chen, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tuesday, February 21
No Meeting
Tuesday, February 28
Omid Nohadani, Northwestern University
Tuesday, March 7
Soroush Saghafian, Harvard University
Tuesday, March 14
Peng Sun, Duke University



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