Operations/Management Science Workshop


Emily O'Neill (Emily.Oneill@ChicagoBooth.edu)


Tuesday, 12:10p.m.-1:20 p.m.


Harper Center HC3B

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Autumn 2010

Date Topic Speaker
September 28 "On the price of demand censoring in the newsvendor problem" Omar Besbes, Columbia University
October 5 Staffing Call Centers with Uncertain Demand Forecasts: A Chance-Constrained Optimization Approach Itai Gurvich, Northwestern University
October 12 “Economics and econometrics of individualization in comparative effectiveness research” Anirban Basu, University of Chicago
October 14
"Optimal Policies for an Assemble-to-Order N-System" Jeannette Song, Duke University
October 19 "Oligopolistic Dynamics with Asymmetric Information: A Framework for Empirical Work" Ariel Pakes, Harvard University
October 26 "Decentralized Supply Risk Management: Product Adulteration"

"Managing Opportunistic Supplier Product Adulteration: Deferred
Payments, Inspection, and Combined Mechanisms"
Vlad Babich, Georgetown University
November 2 "Recent Advances of Computational Nash Equilibria" Jong-Shi Pang, UIUC
November 16 Sourcing for Supplier Effort and Competition Cuihong Li, University of Connecticut
November 30 Title: Re-solving Heuristics for Network Revenue ManagementA Re-solving Heuristic with Bounded Revenue Loss for Network
Revenue Management with Customer Choice
Sunil Kumar, Stanford University

Spring 2010

Date Topic Speaker
March 30 Multidimensional Mechanism Design:
Finite-Dimensional Approximations and Efficient Computation
Alexandre Belloni, Duke University
April 6 Dynamic Capacity Allocation to Customers Who Remember Past Service Dan Adelman, Chicago Booth
April 12 HC 3B, 10:10-11:30 a.m. "We Will be Right with You:" Managing Customer Expectations with Vague Promises and Cheap Talk Gad Allon, Northwestern University
April 20 "The "Price"' of Price-only Contracts in Competitive Supply Chains when Pricing is Endogenous" Georgia Perakis, MIT
April 27
"Cost-effectiveness of Treatment for Localized Prostate Cancer: The importance of Patient Preferences and Self-Selection" David Meltzer, U of C
April 28
11:30 - 1:00

Contract Portfolio Optimization for a Gasoline
Supply Chain
Shanshan Wang, Chicago Booth
May 4 Purchasing Commitments to Encourage Pharmaceuticals to Invest in Research and Development and Production-Capacity of Drugs and Vaccines for Low Income Countries Yehuda Bassok,
Southern California
May 11
Quality-Speed Conundrum: Tradeoffs in Customer-Intensive Services Senthil Veeraraghavan, U of Pennsylvania
May 18 Dynamic Supplier Contracts under Asymmetric Inventory
Hao Zhang, Southern California
May 25 Sequence Effects in Service Bundles: Marketing and Operational Implications Rohit Verma, Cornell University
June 1 Supply Learning and Upstream Service Level Competition Nicole DeHoratius, Chicago Booth
June 8 "Distant Procurement Problem: A Contract to Share Inventory Risk" Ayhan Aydin, Chicago Booth

Winter 2010

Date Topic Speaker
January 05 Dynamic Learning and Customization in Display-based Online Advertisement Denis Saure
Columbia University
January 15 10:30 - 12
How Inventory Is (Should Be) Financed:
Trade Credit in Supply Chains with Demand
Uncertainty and Costs of Financial Distress
Alex Yang, Chicago Booth
January 19 Communication Dynamics in Endogenous Social Networks Konstantinos Bimpikis, MIT
February 02 Computing equilibria in games with integer decisions Chris Ryan, University of British Columbia
February 05 Cognition and Individual Differences in the Newsvendor Problem: Behavior Under Dual Process Theory Brent Moritz, Minnesota
February 09 Adjustable Ordering Policies in Multi-period, Multi-echelon Robust Inventory Management

A Hierarchy of Near-Optimal Policies for Multi-stage Adaptive
Dan Iancu, MIT
Febryary 12 An Analysis of Coordination Mechanisms for the U.S. Cash Supply Chain Mili Mehrotra, University of Texas - Dallas
February 16 Selling with Binding Reservations in the Presence of Strategic Consumers Nikolay Osadchiy, NYU
February 23


February 26 Dynamic versus Static Pricing
in the Presence of Strategic Consumers
Pnina Feldman, University of Pennsylvania

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