Research Workshops

Operations/Management Science Workshops

Faculty, students and visitors present papers on current research. Students are encouraged to discuss their work both before and after their formal proposal presentation.

We have had to change our workshop time this quarter to accommodate student schedules (and space constraints). We are now set for *Thursdays at 2PM in C24* for the rest of the quarter EXCEPT May 8 when we will meet at 3PM (since no rooms are available at 2PM).

Please refer to the weekly announcement for any time/room change. For further information about the workshop, please contact:

Gloria Roque
Workshop Assistant
Harper Center Room 525

Upcoming Workshops

Thursday, 2:00 PM

Spring 2008

April 24

"The Effects of Patient No-Shows on Appointment Scheduling Policies"

Larry Robinson, Cornell (Visiting GSB)

May 1(to be confirmed)

Elbert Huang, UofC Medicine

May 8 (*3PM*)

Bill Zangwill, GSB

May 15

Tipping-Indirect-Network-Effects.pdf Guenter Hitsch, GSB

May 22

Jan van Mieghem, Northwestern

May 29

Alex Yang, GSB

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