Organizations & Markets Workshop


Samantha Geloso (


Wednesday, 3:00-4:30 p.m.


Harper Center HC3B

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Winter 2015

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
January 7 "The Struggle for Control over Movements in Markets: Activists, Marketers, and Green Products" Todd Schifeling, University of Michigan
January 14 “Explaining Unequal Returns to Social Capital Among Entrepreneurs” Mabel Abraham, MIT Sloan
January 21 “Cognitive Structures in the Making of Drug Safety” Mathijs de Vaan, Columbia University
January 28 "Observational and Experimental Evidence of Imbalance in Destigmatization" Elizabeth Pontikes, Chicago Booth
February 4
No workshop
February 11
No workshop
February 18 "The Price is Right? Product Attachment and Price-Setting in the Sale of Handicraft Products in Southern India" Aruna Ranganathan, MIT
February 25
No workshop
March 4 “DNA Envy: The Evolution of Knowledge and Legitimacy in Forensic Science Work.Scientific Truth and Legal Proof: Working in a Crime Lab. Beth Bechky, NYU Stern
March 11 "(Un)Avoidable: When Wrongdoing Leads to Organizational Stigma" Michelle Rogan, INSEAD

Spring 2015

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
April 1 "The Symbolic Management of Performance:
Public Opinion and Attention to Performance in a Public Arena During the Iraq War"
Pino Audia, Dartmouth
April 15
Tali Kristal, University of Haifa
April 22
Mark Suchman, Brown University
May 6
Bill McEvily, University of Toronto Rotman
May 27 "Private Ordering, Social Capital, and Network Governance in Procurement Contracts: A Preliminary Exploration" Lisa Bernstein, University of Chicago Law School


Autumn 2015

Date Topic Speaker, Institution

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