Organizations & Markets Workshop


Allison Asher (


Wednesday, 3:00-4:30 p.m.


Harper Center HC3B

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Autumn 2010

Date Subject Speaker
October 6 "Organizations and Markets and Other Social Structures" John Levi Martin, Chicago
October 13 "News at Work: Imitation in an Age of Information Abundance" Pablo Boczkowski, Northwestern
October 20 "Instituting Organizations, Cultural Categories and Structured Inequality: The World Heritage Committee and the Creation of Outstanding Universal Value" Omar Lizardo, Notre Dame
October 27 "Empathy Wages? Gratitute and Gift Exchange in Employment Relationships" (Paper unavailable) James Baron, Yale
November 3 "Organizations in the Qing Supression of the Taiping Rebellion" King-To Yeung, Princeton
November 10 "The Rationalization of Magic: How the Catholic Church Created Modern Sainthood" Paolo Parigi, Stanford
November 17 "Entry Selection into Ambiguous Market Spaces" Elizabeth Pontikes, Chicago
November 24 "Building an Institutional Field to Corral a Government" Stephen Barley, Stanford
December 1 No workshop  
December 8 No workshop  
December 15 "Pathways to Violence Dynamics for the Continuation of Large-Scale Conflict" Hrag Balian, Columbia

Spring 2010

Date Subject Speaker
March 31 "Agency and Knowledge Problems in Network Dynamics: Brokers and Bridges in Innovative Interorganizational Relationships" Jason Davis, MIT
April 7 "Getting Noticed: Cognition, Categorization and Markets" Mark Kennedy, Marshall, USC
April 14 "Organizational and Epistemic Change: The Growth of the Art Investment Industry" Erica Cosler, University of Chicago
April 21 "Establishing Expertise: The Introduction of the Business Computer in Manufacturing Firms, 1954-1990" Steve Kahl, Chicago Booth
April 28 "Fear of Falling: The Influence of Media Rankings on Legal Education in the U.S." Wendy Espeland, Northwestern
May 5 "Social Networks and the Groups Most At-Risk for HIV/AIDS" Matthew Salganik, Princeton
May 12 "Toward a Behavioral Theory of Strategy" Giovanni Gavetti, Harvard
May 19 "Leader of the Pack: The Stock Coverage Network As a Source of Security Analysts' Information Leadership with Joel Baum" Anne Fleischer, University of Toronto, Canada
May 26 "Classification and the Homogeneity of Social Groups" Martin Ruef, Princeton
June 2 "We Are Everywhere: Organizational Diversity and the Enactment of Gay Rights Ordinances in U.S. Communities, 1972-2008" Giacomo Negro, Emory

Winter 2010

Date Subject Speaker
January 20 "Go with Your Gut: Emotion and Stratification in Hiring" Lauren Rivera, Northwestern U.
January 27 "The Problem of Emergence" (Chp 1 of "The Emergence of Organizations and Markets") John Padgett, University of Chicago
February 3 "Two Sides of the Same Coin: How Category Ambiguity Affects Multiple Audience Evaluations" Elizabeth Pontikes, University of Chicago
February 10 No Meeting  
February 17 "The Rise of the Bureaucrat: Organizational Development and the Formation of a New Class" Ryon Lancaster, University of Chicago
February 24 "Catalyzing Strategies and Efficient Network Tie Formation: How Entrepreneurs Obtain Venture Capital" Ben Hallen, University of Maryland
March 3 "The Evolution of Corporate Sustainability Agendas: An Interaction Ritual Perspective" Klaus Weber, Northwestern U.
March 10 "Asymmetries in Experiential and Vicarious Learning: Lessons from the Hiring and Firing of Baseball Managers" David Strang, Cornell University

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