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Wednesday, 3:00-4:30 p.m.


Harper Center HC3B

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Autumn 2012

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
October 3 "A Matter of (Relational) Style: Loan Officer Coherence and Consistency in Contract Enforcement in Microfinance" Rodrigo Canales, Yale School of Management
October 10 "Categorization by Emergent Networks: The Distributed Sensemaking Simulation Model" Jarret Spiro, INSEAD
October 17 "The Disintermediation of Financial Markets: Evidence from Private Equity" Josh Lerner, Harvard Business School
October 24 "Peers and Network Growth: Evidence from a Natural Experiment" (email workshop coordinator for copy of paper) Sharique Hassan, Stanford Graduate School of Business
October 31 Cancelled  
November 7 "Close, but No Cigar: The Bimodal Rewards to Prize-Seeking" Gabriel Rossman, UCLA
November 14 "The Lives and Deaths of Jobs" John-Paul Ferguson, Stanford University
November 28 No workshop  
December 5 Talk: “Reversing the brain drain? Skilled return migrations and global flows of expert knowledge” Paper: “Skilled Returnees as Contingent Brokers of Cross-border Knowledge Transfer” Dan Wang, Stanford University
December 12 "Turning Back the Clock:  Authenticity Crises and Retro Fashion Cycles" Oliver Hahl, MIT

Spring 2012

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
March 28 "The Economic Impact of Social Ties: Evidence from German Reunification" (with Konrad Burchardi) Tarek Hassan, Chicago Booth
April 4 "Keeping it Real: Inter-Occupational Guardians and Institutional Change in Two Community Health Centers" Kate Kellogg, MIT
April 11 "Positions in Feature Space and Afiliation with Markets Labels" (with Michael Hannan) Elizabeth Pontikes, Chicago Booth
April 18 "Following the crowd can lead to collective illusions even when people form their beliefs just from their own experiences" (with Jerker Denrell) Gael Le Mens, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
April 25 "Technology Commercialization Strategy Dynamics and Entrepreneurial Performance: Evidence from the Speech Recognition Industry" (with David H. Hsu) Matt Marx, MIT
May 2 "Category establishment as a strategic opportunity:
The case of light cigarettes, 1964-1993"
Greta Hsu, University of California Davis
May 9 "Social Movement Organizational Collaboration: Networks of Learning and the Diffusion of Protest Tactics, 1960-1995" (with Dan J. Wang) Sarah Soule, Stanford
May 16 "Text-Based Network Industries and Endogenous Product Differentiation" and "Conglomerate Industry Choice and Product Differentiation" Gordon Phillips, University of Southern California
May 23 "Entrepreneurship as a Mobility Process" (with Jesper B. Sorensen) Amanda Sharkey, Chicago Booth

Winter 2012

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
January 11 "Decoding Collective Wisdom from Stock traders Social Networks" (Paper 1, Paper 2) Brian Uzzi, Northwestern University
January 18 "Speculation as a Learned Behavior? Adaptive Rationality Among New Investors and the Evolution of a Nascent Market" Chris Yenkey, Chicago Booth
January 25 "Network-Related Personality and the Agency Question: Multi-Role Evidence from a Virtual World" Ron Burt, Chicago Booth
February 1 "Matthew: Effect or Fable?" (With Pierre Azoulay and Yanbo Wang) Toby Stuart, University of California Berkeley
February 8 "Cognitive Network Activation" Ned Smith, University of Michigan
February 15 “Where Do Lawsuits Come From? The Role of Spatial Distribution of Principals and Legal Mediating Agents.” (Paper available upon request) Maxim Sytch, Univeristy of Michigan
February 22 "Social Networks Theory of Privacy" Lior Strahilevitz, University of Chicago
February 29 "Contested Institutional Change: External Goals Versus Internal Performance Feedback" (With Timothy Rowley and Henrich Greve) Andrew Shipilov, INSEAD

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