Organizations & Markets Workshop


Allison Asher (


Wednesday, 3:00-4:30 p.m.


Harper Center HC3B

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Autumn 2013

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
October 2 "Quality, Taste, and Sustained Superior Performance at the Olympic Games" Dave Waguespack, University of Maryland
October 9 "Introducing Epinets: Why Do We Need an Epistemic Model of Social Networks?” Joel Baum, University of Toronto
October 16 "Shifts and Ladders: Comparing the Role of Internal and External Mobility in Executive Careers" (email coordinator for copy) Matthew Bidwell, University of Pennsylvania
October 23 "The Making of a 'Design Factory': Organizational Strategies for the Purposeful Combination of Multiple Logics" (email coordinator for copy) Violina Rindova, University of Texas
October 30 "Regulation, Contagion, and the Diffusion of Stimulant, Antidepressant, and Antipsychotic Medications" (email coordinator for copy) Marissa King, Yale University
November 6 No workshop  
November 13 "Fraud and Innovation: Is There a Cheater's Discount?" Yanbo Wang, Boston University
November 20 Cancelled Paul Ingram, Columbia University


Spring 2013

Title of Talk
April 3 "From Stage to Page: The Ongoing Consecration of Orchestral Composers" Tim Dowd, Emory University
April 10 "The Terror, 1793-4: A Tragedy of Distrust" Ari Adut, UT Austin
April 17 No workshop  
April 24 "Geography, Joint Choices and the Reproduction of Gender Equality" Olav Sorenson, Yale University
May 1 "The Impact of Interdisciplinarity on Scientists' Careers" Erin Leahey, University of Arizona
May 8 "Trust and Participation in an Emerging Market:
Leading and Lagging Effects of Social Ties on Corruption"
Chris Yenkey, University of Chicago
May 15 Workshop cancelled (5/13)  
May 22 No workshop  
May 29 "Knowledge and Motivation: How Negative Feedback in Old vs. New Domains Translates into Firm Action & Performance" J.P. Eggers, Stern School of Business, NYU
June 5 "Talking the Talk: Linguistic Style, Managerial Cognition, and Responses to Environmental Pressures" (email coordinator for copy of paper) Donal Crilly, London School of Business


Winter 2013

Title of Talk
January 9 "Knowing Your (Relationship) Strengths: The Effect of Social Information Flow on Relational Acumen" Natalie Cotton-Nessler, University of Michigan
January 15 "Structurally Redundant Heterogeneity and Group Performance"
Ned Smith, University of Michigan
January 16 "Do Agents Game Their Agents' Behavior? Evidence from Sales Managers." Alan Benson, MIT
January 23 No workshop  
January 30 "Audience Structure and Status Multiplicity" (email coordinator for copy of paper) Balazs Kovacs, University of Lugano
January 31 "Labor markets as status markets: Organizational trade-offs between status and profitability" Chris Rider, Emory University
February 6 "Football and Status in Higher Education" (email coordinator for copy of paper) Michael Sauder, University of Iowa
February 13 "Ritualized Markets:  The Culture & Economics of Budgeting and Consumer Demand" Frederick F. Wherry, Columbia University
February 20 "The Gendered Value of an Engineering Degree" email coordinator for copy of paper) Brian Rubineau, Cornell University
February 27 "The Paradox of Publicity: How Status Can Negatively Impact Perceived Quality" (email coordinator for copy of paper) Amanda Sharkey, Booth School of Business
March 6 "Folding: Integrating Algorithms on the Floor of the NYSE" Daniel Beunza, London School of Economics
March 13 "Who Pays Attention to Status Cues? Audience Diversity and the Matthew Effect in Science" Freda Lynn, University of Iowa
March 20 No workshop  

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