Organizations & Markets Workshop


Samantha Geloso (


Wednesday, 3:00-4:30 p.m.


Harper Center HC3B

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Autumn 2014

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
October 1 "The Gentlemen Slavers: Status, Structure and Social Movements for the Conduct of Dirty Business" Paul Ingram, Columbia University
October 8
No workshop
October 15 "Imprinting Variation: The Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder at Two Specialty Clinics" Phech Colatat, Washington University in St. Louis
October 22
No workshop
October 29 "Below Top Status Indicates Mediocrity When Social Influence Is Strong" Jerker Denrell, University of Warwick
November 5
No workshop
November 12

The Nov 12th workshop will be held from 12-1pm in conjunction with the Department of Sociology and will take place in the Ablion Small room in the Social Science Research Building (SS 305) located at 1126 E 59th Street.

November 12 "The Rhythm of Communicative Styles: Advocacy Organizations, Social Media, and Mass Persuasion" Chris Bail, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
November 19
No workshop
November 26
No workshop
December 3 "Blacklisted Benefactors: The Political Contestation of Non-Market Strategy" Mae McDonnell, Georgetown University
December 10
No workshop

Winter 2014

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
January 8 "Internal Social Comparisons, Risk-Taking, and Change: Evidence from the Mutual Fund Industry" Christine Beckman, University of Maryland Smith School of Business
January 15 "Framing Clashes: Divergent Frames and Negative Emotions in Innovation Work" Tiona Zuzul, Harvard Business School
January 22 "Durable Dominance: Dominant Entrenchment through Open Competition" Johan Chu, University of Michigan Ross School of Business
January 29 "Corporate Spinoffs and Analysts' Coverage Decisions: The Implication for Diversified Firms" (email organizer for copy) Emilie Feldman, Wharton
February 5 "For Law and Markets? Employment Discrimination Lawsuits, Market Performance, and Managerial Diversity"
Beth Hirsch, University of British Columbia
February 12 "Set-Theoretic Methods for the Study of Social Inequality: Test Scores, Parental Income, and Poverty" (email organizer for copy) Peer Fiss, USC Marshall School of Business
February 19 "The Double-Edged Sword of Recombination in Breakthrough Innovation" Sarah Kaplan, University of Toronto
February 26 "Are Flatter Organizations More Innovative? Hierarchical Depth and the Importance of Ideas" (email organizer for copy) Zur Shapira, NYU Stern
March 5
Workshop cancelled Michael Jensen, University of Michigan Ross School of Business
March 12 "Elite-Driven Community Collective Action and the Issues of Currency Substitutes During the Panic of 1907" Lori Yue, USC Marshall School of Business


Spring 2014

Date Topic Speaker, Institution
April 9 "Perspectives on Recombination" Elizabeth Pontikes, University of Chicago
April 16 "Knowledge utilization, coordination, and team performance" Ray Reagans, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
April 23 "A Role-Theoretic Perspective on Reputation: Who Gets Ahead in the Danish Film Industry?" Michael Jensen, University of Michigan Ross School of Business
April 30 "Still the Same: Founding, Hiring, Retention, and the Demographic Evolution of Organizational Diversity" (email coordinator for copy) Chris Rider, Emory University
May 7
Workshop cancelled Brian Uzzi, Northwestern University
May 14 "Ambiguity and Intellectual Engagement" James Evans, University of Chicago
May 21 "Shooting for the Stars: Framing Repertoires and Audience Evaluations in the Context of Investment Advice" (email coordinator for copy) Klaus Weber, Northwestern University
May 28 "Why Identity? A Prolegomenon to any Account of Social Organization or Human Action" (email coordinator for copy) Ezra Zuckerman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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