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Organizations & Markets Workshop

This workshop focuses on the sociology of organizations, networks, and markets. A wide variety of topics are addressed, including how organizations operate, why they differ, how they emerge from prior organizations, how future growth depends on position in a structure of other organizations and how people survive and thrive within organizations.

Anyone interested in these topics is welcome to attend the workshop. Graduate student participation is strongly encouraged. The workshop room, 3B, is on the third floor, on the west side of the atrium, in the Charles M. Harper Center.

Whenever possible, papers are made available in advance of the workshop. To download a paper, click on the highlighted text. For further information, or to schedule time to meet with an outside speaker, please email the workshop coordinator for the Spring quarter, Damon Phillips.

Upcoming Workshops

Tuesdays 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (except for 12/3 and 12/10)

Harper Center Seminar 3B


Fall 2008

Sept 30

Trouble in Store: Community Cohesion, Organization, and Anti-Wal-Mart Protest

Huggy Rao (Stanford)


October 7

Reputations for Toughness in Patent Enforcement: Implications for Knowledge Spillovers via Inventor Mobility

Rajshree Agarwal (UIUC)


October 14

Go(Con)figure: Subgroups, Imbalance, and Isolates in Geographically Dispersed Teams

Mark Mortensen (MIT)


October 21

Outstanding Scientific Knowledge: How Status and Cohesion Shapes Scientists' Collaboration Networks and their Performance (ABSTRACT)

Brian Uzzi (Northwestern)


October 28

Coherence and Persistence: A New Perspective on Legitimacy

Steve Kahl (Chicago)


November 4

Home Sweet Home: Social Capital and Location Choice

Olav Sorenson (Toronto)


November 11




November 18

Space Invaders: Categories, Valuation and Union Organizing Drives, 1961-1999

John Paul Ferguson (MIT)


November 25




December 2

Uncertainty Reduction Mechanisms in Fashion

Frederic Godart (Columbia)


December 3 (Wed)

Communication (and Coordination?) in a Modern, Complex Organization

Adam Kleinbaum (HBS)


December 9

Environmental Changes and the Dynamics of Organizational Mortality

Gael Le Mens (Stanford)


December 10 (Wed) Room change: C24 (Classroom level)

Informal Ties and Entrepreneurship Choices

Aleksandra Kacperczyk (Michigan)


December 16

Attention or Evaluation: How Do Social Ties Matter in Venture Financing?

Yanbo Wang (MIT)





Past Workshops


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