Research Workshops

Organizations & Markets Workshop

This workshop focuses on the sociology of organizations, networks, and markets. A wide variety of topics are addressed, including how organizations operate, why they differ, how they emerge from prior organizations, how future growth depends on position in a structure of other organizations and how people survive and thrive within organizations.

Anyone interested in these topics is welcome to attend the workshop. Graduate student participation is strongly encouraged. The workshop room, 3B, is on the third floor, on the west side of the atrium, in the Charles M. Harper Center.

Whenever possible, papers are made available in advance of the workshop. To download a paper, click on the highlighted text. For further information, or to schedule time to meet with an outside speaker, please email the workshop coordinator for the Winter quarter, Matt Bothner.

Upcoming Workshops

Tuesdays 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Harper Center Seminar 3B

Winter 2008

January 15

"Innovation and Change in the Process of Alliance Formation in the Japanese Electronics Industry" (with Didier Guillot)

James Lincoln, Berkeley

January 22

"Sharper in Relief: Opposition, Identity and the Maintenance of Social Movement Organizations"

Paul Ingram, Columbia

January 29

"Industry Collaboration and Secrecy in Academic Science"

James Evans, University of Chicago

February 5

"The Proximate Conditions of Work and the Tendency to Err: Published Corrections in the New York Times"

David Gibson, University of Pennsylvania

February 12


Jesper Sorensen, Stanford

February 19


Stanislav Dobrev, University of Chicago

February 26

"A Theory of Social Categorization and Markets: Structure, Justification, and Change"

Steve Kahl, University of Chicago

March 4

"Long Tail or Steep Tail: A Field Investigation into How Online Popularity Information Affects the Distribution of Customer Choices"

Catherine Tucker, MIT

March 11


AnnaLee Saxenian, Berkeley

March 18

"The Shortcut to Inequality: The Small but Stratified World"

Ray Reagans, Carnegie Mellon; and Ezra Zuckerman, MIT


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